An economy in crisis


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Written by Simon Dixon


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  1. Hey Simon I really appreciate the fact that you want to put out more content. But I have listened to basically the same interview at least 4 times from different sources. Cheers

  2. Watched alot a your video's recently and although your message is the same i always learn something new. Got a question, if you have debt such as credit card is it wise to pay them off quicker and be debt free or pay the minimum payment and invest the extra capital in bitcoin?

  3. I think it's great that you are emphasizing privacy lately. What about the non-fungibility
    issue with bitcoin and the problem with chain analytics and bitcoin ? TIA

  4. The top down economy model is in crises exactly for that reason: the interest of the few does not serve the interest of the many. Case in point is e.g. the World bank that was suppose to "steward" the people of the world's gold only to issue loans against the gold to the very people they're supposed to help…!
    For future purposes: the fiat debt system is a top down force whilst the crypto is a grassroots up force….these are two opposing market forces and cannot be mixed. Capice.?!

  5. Very thankful I have been exposed to your channel. Open to learning. Another topic I want to learn more about is expectations in the housing market. Buy, sell, rent?

  6. This man is a total saint ! He is so calm and reasoned and knowledgeable in this financial world of insanity and greed. It is guys like this that should be running our future financial systems!

  7. I think when it comes to traditional banking, 95% of people (the ‘average’) are relatively happy the way things are. They have some money, they put it in the bank and can withdraw when they please. They can buy a house, bring up a family, work their whole lives and then die, that’s just how things are and people seem to accept that. So with the concept of decentralised banking (bitcoin) I honestly do not think the masses will think it’s worth it since they’re ‘ok’ with the current status. Obviously there’s so many things that go on behind the public’s back that they’re not aware of, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. This is why I believe bitcoin will never reach the masses. Although I wish everyone had the knowledge to realise decentralised banking has it benefits, I can’t see it happening. For now, I see bitcoin as simply a ‘speculative investment’. I sometimes think Simon is slightly blinded by his huge personal wealth because he has a lot more to lose, leaving his millions in the banks… that’s totally understandable, but for the ‘average Joe’ that’s not an issue.

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