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Augmented Intelligence

Global Risk Analytics

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Developing Next-Gen Analytics Smart Reporting Applications

Global Risk Analytics combines Global Risk Index and coalitions with Business Intelligence tools, Performance Management, Simulation, and Predictive Analytics capabilities. We work with global and local partners to deliver the best performance and compliance in each jurisdictions or geographical location.

Track campaigns in real time, and by measuring the performance of each effort, plan for better campaigns and forecasts. Teams can utilize the Global Risk Analytics to help improve their risk score and provide transparency and visibility into their overall performance.
Embedded BI tools offers the ability to integrate proprietary analytics functionality within other business applications. You may choose an embedded product to promote user adoption; by placing the analytics inside your software, companies enable employees to take advantage of available data. Global Risk Analytics provide self-service functionality so average business end users can take advantage of data for improved decision making.
Multilayered, real-time dashboards are a central feature of analytics platforms. Users can program their analytics software to display metrics of their choice and create multiple dashboards that show analytics related to specific teams or initiatives. Organizations use Global Risk Intelligence to build and deploy analytical and data discovery applications in the form of personalized reports, real-time dashboards, risk alerts, pixel-perfect documents, mobile applications, and more.
Your security is our top priority. Pass through existing security models from virtually any code base using tokens and REST APIs.
Bringing together human creativity and machine intelligence in harmony is key to delivering powerful analytics to users. Global Risk Analytics delivers instant, effortless access to the world’s fastest, most scalable data platforms for operational analytics, machine learning and AI.
With predictive analytics tools, analysts can build models and algorithms that use patterns and trends from past data to plan for future possibilities. These solutions are critical when forecasting, identifying potential risks, or finding unseen opportunities within the business or projects. And our unlimited-user license model gives everyone access to the answers they need without waiting in line for an analyst. Now everyone can make great decisions in real-time to accelerate their growth.
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Enabling Open Science for System Innovation

When open data is made available to to the public with analytical power and incentive mechanism, new ideas and perspectives unlock exponential potential for it to be re-used, analyzed, and correlated to help improve the delivery of public services, engage with citizens in decision making, and innovate our approaches to civic problem solving. A stable foundation and substantial investment in open data is a key contributor to the success of strategic initiatives like Smart Cities, Civic Innovation, and Open Government

Data-Driven Decision-Making
Data-Driven Decision-Making
A key component to digital transformation is to become a data-driven organization. By using data to drive every decision the business makes, the company can optimize and achieve its fullest potential.
Measure and Understand Organization Performance
Measure and Understand Organization Performance
Develop a keen understanding of why your organization is performing the way it is. With Global Risk Analytics you can adjust and pivot at the right time quickly and easily.
Discover New Actionable Insights
Discover New Actionable Insights
Combine data from a variety of sources, including accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, CRMs, marketing automation tools, and others. Data analysts can use this integrated data to find correlations between different departments and the actions they are taking to discover previously hidden insights.
Build sophisticated programmatic pipelines for enrichment operations, eliminating the cost and complexity of ETL tooling
Big Data
Store petabytes of data on low cost disk and cloud storage for archive requirements while maintaining instant retrieval for fast deep analysis
Store and process data across clusters of machines to maximize resilience and performance leveraging memory and disk infrastructure
Role-Based Access Control
Efficiently manage simple or robust security configurations by user role and group while maintaining maximum performance
Perform ad hoc analysis with business intelligence tools, run machine learning algorithms for real-time scoring, perform geoanalytic queries in real time
Plug-in directly with existing technologies and skills with support for standard SQL, BI and modern data tools like Spark and Kafka
Store, query, and index geographic data types including polygons and points to support area, distance, location analytics in real-time
10x Faster at
1/3 the Cost
Modernize legacy database solutions like Oracle, Vertica, Netezza, and more with faster more scalable analytics at dramatically less cost

Advanced Legislative Tracking System

Stay informed of upcoming legislation and regulatory changes with one fully-searchable platform, complete with AI-powered reporting and alerts. Track policy at local, state, federal and global levels, manage every interaction your organization has with stakeholders, and give your team maximum efficiency with collaboration and workflow tools so everyone is aware and on the same page.

Smart Stakeholder Engagement

Track and analyze stakeholder needs and expectations in real-time and consistently implement the right activities and campaigns to drive retention, minimize churn and deepen your relationship toward environmental, social, and governance goals.

Co-create systemic solutions to complex glocal issues

We aim to increase interoperability between local R&D centers and minimize interdependency to stimulate the creation of new cross-national, cross-disciplinary learning, deliberation, and collaboration systems regarding the most pressing issues around environmental, social, and governance.