Why we removed an article about African video gamers (

Written by Scott White, CEO | Editor-in-Chief, The Conversation Canada

La Conversation Canada has removed a story that it published on March 9, 2020, after questions were raised about the research the article was based on.

The story was titled “Les jeunes Africains aussi sont accros aux jeux vidéos, mais l’enjeu reste sous le radar.” It looked at insomnia, anxiety and depression among young Africans who play video games. The article was based on an academic study that was published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports. However, Scientific Reports has subsequently retracted the article, noting “serious concerns were raised that the results described in the article, in particular the outcomes of statistical analyses, are internally inconsistent and that some results are mathematically impossible.”

Another article by the same author published both by La Conversation Canada and The Conversation Canada that made reference to this research on video gamers has been updated to remove reference to this study.

The author has agreed with our decision to remove and amend these articles.

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