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Jul 01 - 31 2022


All Day

Global Risk Hackathon: Governance

GCRI’s Global Risk Forum (GRF) intends to be the first-choice platform for individuals and organizations focused on sustainability and risk to meet and share bold ideas, form glocal teams, and co-create solutions for tackling the challenges of a global risk society. This event will bring together thinkers, activists, creatives, technologists, and public and private sector innovators to build tools, capacities and communities for a resilient, sustainable future. We aim to use this event as a launching pad for an open, decentralized global innovation commons, enabled in part by GCRI’s own platform, that is focused on complex environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.


The Global Risk Forum will use the hackathon and conference format as a medium to cultivate an ecosystem of people, partnerships, and organizations to rethink, redesign, and respond to emerging global catastrophic risks. This event will be community-driven and pluralistic. Community-driven, meaning that many of the sessions and focuses of the GRF will be put forward by participants in the lead-up to the conference and there will be space for impromptu sessions to emerge based on how the GRF unfolds. The design for the hackathon will draw on Taiwan’s Presidential Hackathon experience as well as the GCRI’s inLab process.

The event is finished.

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