Global Risks Forum 2025

What is the Global Risk Agency?

The Global Risk Agency, a pivotal initiative under the banner of The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), is dedicated to forging an integrative and inclusive ecosystem designed to handle a broad spectrum of risks. This multifaceted platform allows for the effective management and mitigation of risks across various sectors. Uniquely structured through an avant-garde agency model, the Global Risk Agency builds bridges between a diverse range of stakeholders. These include independent agents armed with specialized knowledge and skills, clients spanning a vast array of industries, and adept service and solution providers deeply engaged in the realm of risk management. The operations of the Risk Agency are underpinned by a cutting-edge Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology. This robust platform serves as a virtual meeting ground for stakeholders, fostering an environment that is secure, scalable, and adaptable. It allows for the forging of connections, promoting collaboration, and facilitating seamless transactions amongst users. This innovative platform not only offers users access to a vast network of experts but also enables them to tap into a reservoir of resources and services at their convenience. Among the key services that the Risk Agency offers are advisory, consultancy, and bespoke training modules, each designed to arm organizations with the necessary competencies to navigate the intricate terrain of risk management. By integrating these strategies into their core operations, organizations can better prepare for, respond to, and manage potential risks and uncertainties. Moreover, the Global Risk Agency is an ardent proponent of the Quintuple Helix Model. This forward-thinking approach advocates for a synergistic collaboration between academia, industry, government, civil society, and the environment, thereby promoting sustainable innovation and offering a holistic perspective to risk management. Staying true to its commitment to maintaining high standards of ethical conduct, good governance, and regulatory compliance, the Risk Agency embeds these values into the core of its operations and activities. It ensures that these principles are consistently upheld, thereby promoting a culture of integrity and responsible practices within its expansive network.