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  1. Hello sir, what could be the course of action for computer science student, if i want to become a data scientist in upcoming years, all jobs require at least some 2 years of experience. is there a good roadmap for my carrier path, where can i start from ( Competencies :- i am learning Big data , Statistical and regression analytics, machine learning , i am in last semester of my 4th year)

  2. In reference to High Availability of NameNode, I only heard you talk about passive NameNode picking up when the NameNode fails and that the Secondary NameNode serves only as a backup and will work only when configure to replace the active NameNode. My question is in Hadoop 2.X is there nothing like the StandBy NameNode that picks up when the Active NameNode fails?

  3. Hi, first of all thanks for uploading this very informative series on Big Data, it is really helpful.
    I have a question like what kind of operations can we perform with unstructured data / binary / image/ video files using the hadoop stack?
    I have seen examples where they have converted semi structured files such as logs and json to tabular format using regular expressions.
    But what can we do with video files for examples?

  4. hai
    this is very good video
    please provide more interview questions and there is no update the video from jan 23,2017 to till the date
    thank you so much sharing this type videos you done great work

  5. Thank you so much Edurekha team and Shivank for uploading this video. Was much useful to prepare for interview. Similarly if possible please upload Spark interview questions also that will be much useful for everyone.

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