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Data Dignity


"Technology companies wield highly concentrated power over the way peoples’ data is used, and they make enormous profits from it. They can do this because we “bargain” for Big Tech services as if we were all isolated individuals with “personal” datasets. But in fact the data we produce is profoundly social and interconnected – sharing it affects our friends, families, and communities as much as it affects us. People must exert democratic collective bargaining power over their data to make joint decisions controlling its use and negotiate appropriate compensation."

The Data Freedom Act

RadicalxChange Foundation Ltd.

Data ownership

The Automation Charade

Astra Taylor


Solving the Social Dilemma: The Data Freedom Act

Leon Erichsen, Matt Prewitt

Social Dilemma

Data Leverage: A Framework for Empowering the Public in its Relationship with Technology Companies

Nicholas Vincent, Hanlin Li, Nicole Tilly, Stevie Chancellor, Brent Hecht

data leverage, data strikes, data poisoning, conscious data contribution

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