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We believe that the added-value of GCRI should be to bring together all actors from the society to collectively reinvent new ways of doing research and innovation for the future of our planet. Today, the industrial economic system negatively affects humanity's safe space (in terms of climate, air, water, and soil). Therefore, only the design of new socio-economic systems can truly transition towards sustainable, thriving communities and ecosystems. Global challenges manifest themselves in various ways in local communities. Hence, solutions should also be developed at a local level while remaining connected to the global agenda – as embodied, for instance, in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Zero-knowledge Value Reporting

Claim Verification Systems for ESG Disclosure

Zero knowledge, Proof of Personhood, data Dignity

Earth Cooperation Treaty (ECT)

self-assessed value systems for Intellectual property

Partial Common Ownership, SALSA, Innovation Commons

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ESG Solutions