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dumpling helps gig workers become business owners, and provides tools for business owners to operate with just a phone and some hustle. We are a small, highly motivated team who is going to help revitalize the economy and communities by helping people start, run, and grow their own businesses.

dumpling has created a community of users, many of whom were gig workers, who now own and operate their own businesses, and who are vocal about desired features and challenges they are facing. To further help know where our community members are coming from, everyone on our team has been a gig worker, and has also begun to run their own personal business on the dumpling platform.

dumpling is a fully distributed team, and has been since its founding. Team members are self-starters, and often work across teams. As most people realize by now, working remote efficiently and effectively with others is often done poorly, and we do it exceptionally well.

Responsibilities include:
-Help go from concept to design of new features for our apps
-Work with backend developers to implement and release new features
-Taking ownership of existing issues and bugs and fixing them
-Helping with support related issues

-React Native
-React hooks
-React Apollo + GraphQL
-React Navigation v5
-Handling network behavior gracefully: offline mode, reconnection
-App permissions e.g. notifications
-Debug native libraries and patching
-Experience with debugging app crashes from source maps and traces
-Built production apps
-Have shipped apps to production
-Knowing how to setup certificates and private keys for both iOS and Android (List apps that published themselves)

UI + UX + Product
-Worked closely with either product manager or designers
-Able to walk through thought process based on examples and past experiences
-Experience with Figma, Illustrator, Sketch, or other prototyping tools

Distributed Team
-We are 100% remote and distributed, ideally in the Bay Area or Seattle area.
-Small team so may wear many hats
-Strong communication and video conferencing skills (yes, most people don’t videoconf very well)



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