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Pioneering Social Entrepreneurship

The GCRI’s Innovation Lab serves as a social entrepreneurship hub. We take smart risks to test new ideas in collaboration with governments, institutions, and leaders worldwide to harness the power of innovations that accelerate public participation and ESG impact.

The GCRI’s Innovation Lab provides a wide range of services in the field of open collaboration and sustainable development. Our network’s diverse expertise is in demand worldwide – from governments to transnational institutions, the private and public sector.

We work with businesses, civil society actors, and research institutions to foster successful interaction between technology, public, and policy. The commissioning parties and cooperation partners place trust in the GCRI, and we work with them to generate novel ideas for positive change.

We are a global non-profit, and universal values are central to our work. The GCRI’s Innovation Lab builds local, regional, and international partnerships in several cross-cutting areas to advance the GCRI’s priorities and support its members worldwide to more effectively integrate novel and sustainable innovation into their work.

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The principles of sustainability guide our actions. Producing positive ESG impact guides our work with clients and partners, our interactions with each other, and how we conduct our collaborative R&D. We perform our tasks in keeping with these convictions and are committed to upholding the values enshrined in our bylaws.

Sustainability requires a new view of business and a modern philosophy on sustaining growth while reducing risks. Equipped with this new perspective and supported by scientific communities, we believe that everyone can become a vehicle for positive change in society.

Global challenges are diverse in their nature and can provide a monetary reward for those that contribute constructively to solving social issues. At the Innovation Lab, we foster open collaboration to offer novel and sustainable solutions to organizations or bodies seeking help with global challenges.

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