state-backed manipulation is rampant on social media

Donald Trump’s controversial removal from social media platforms has reignited debate around the censorship of information published online. But the issue of disinformation and manipulation on social media goes far beyond one man’s Twitter account. And it is much more widespread than previously thought. Since 2016, our team at the…

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Despite being permanently banned, Trump’s prolific Twitter record lives on

For years, US President Donald Trump pushed the limits of Twitter’s content policies, raising pressure on the platform to exercise tougher moderation. Ultimately, the violent siege of the US Capitol forced Twitter’s hand and the platform permanently banned Trump’s personal account, @realDonaldTrump. But this doesn’t mean the 26,000 or so…

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COVID-19 face masks represent a chance to restore Canadian manufacturing

It didn’t take long for COVID-19 to race around the world after it emerged in late 2019. The rapid spread of the coronavirus revealed how efficiently international travel and commerce had flattened distances and erased borders, proving harshly that progress has its negative repercussions. COVID-19 has had the same impact…

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