Decentralized Innovation Commons Ecosystem

Enabling everyone to participate in the value creation ecosystem while improving efficiency and trust in local and global governance. Network members can set up their transitional experiments and scale the results by nourishing a diverse and connected network of local/regional initiatives.

Internet of Circularity

A network of local nodes to support inter-agency services between governments, enterprises, NGOs, and citizens. DICE is a blockchain-based circular ecosystem capable of increasing interoperability and minimizing interdependency for regenerative and resilient systems


DICE enables communities and organizations to build organizations and perform transition experiments, i.e., an experiment to support the transformation of present-day research and innovation systems.

Digital Twins

Members can design, test, and validate the organization, operation, credentials, and funding of their competence cells. A competence cell is conceived as a small organizational unit, which functions as a digital twin. Competence cells can be seen as ‘pop-up’ research units that look for the available resources to set up transition initiatives, keeping the threshold as low as possible for various actors to join and collaborate effectively. 

Quadruple Helix

Using DICE infrastructure, one cell’s experiments, results, and lessons learned can be stored and made accessible to other competence cells worldwide. DICE enables competence cells to function as ‘liaisons’ that facilitate relationships among different stakeholders in quadruple helix interested in a particular theme.