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Environmental Justice

Earth Cooperation Treaty (ECT)

Earth Cooperation Treaty (ECT) is a concept developed to enable building and institutionalizing a network of relationships among legal innovators and nurturing their commitment towards environmental justice and systemic reform of patent and intellectual property (IP) regimes.

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Creative Cooperation

Access to Justice

Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income, with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. If we innovate in our social institutions and the way we innovate in technology, we can better integrate private and public action to deliver justice and human flourishing, with a global economy that attracts us to work together rather than be divided. Only together did technology and governance propel us into the modern world, and the improvements in each still to come leave us in wonder and awe.

Building Global Regulatory Sandbox

Public policy, like all other sectors, has firmly entered the digital age. Technology is increasingly affecting geopolitics, human rights, security policy and global development with new opportunities as well as risks emerging. As a reaction, the rise of global demand for IP and patent reforms around COVID-19 vaccines acknowledges the key role that data- driven innovation and tech giants play in today’s society. As reformers of intellectual property, we appreciate the basic wisdom and necessary role of the enterprise, but we also see the rigid entitlement to exclusive use reducing capacity for new innovation. We invite a diverse group of academics, inventors, entrepreneurs, and civil society members – to co-design consensus-based regulatory regimes. The regimes we imagine flexibly and equally accommodates each concern.

Justice Innovation
To provide a decentralized collaborative platform for ongoing research, workshops, classes, and tech mobilization on Justice Innovation.
Regulatory Sandbox
To provide safe "fast failing" environment for research and development of pilots around policy regimes and regulatory frameworks.
Public Policy
To advance collaborations aimed at the new regulatory structures capable of mobilizing public engagement in policy and innovation.
ESG Optimization

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We support open innovation, collaboration and knowledge-sharing amongst our members, partners and the wider research, development, and education communities.

Our mission is to build tools, capacities, solutions, and communities to tackle complex environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. GCRI is building a new architecture for governance and technology that is more social, integrative, and driven by civil society. It is a place for anyone looking to better integrate private and public action, people, nature, and future generations, to build a global society that attracts us to work together rather than be divided.

Full-Stack Risk Spectrum

Theories in Motion

Our goal is to create a unique nexus where civil society meets and engages the academy, industry, and government to collectively make smarter decisions toward more resilient, democratic, and prosperous communities.

Platform Development

World's Risk Community

We are a member-run organization established on the premise that non-state actors need better digital public infrastructure. The GCRI platform empowers local and digital communities with bottom-up tools and mechanisms to govern themselves and foster collective action in the governance of innovation resources. They can teach courses, broadcast content, organize events, mobilize collective action, crowdsource teams, and crowdfund projects.