Micro Credentials

Micro-credentials certify members’ ongoing achievements in an ever-changing world. MPM allows skills and competencies to be developed in a zero-trust flexible environment for the twin digital-green transformation
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Skills Acquisition

Stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing workplace by accessing fresh, on-demand skilling programs through a powerful peer-to-peer marketplace.

Skills Activation

Leverage the integrated Micro-production Model built for the twin digital-green transformation. Unleash the next generation of skills and competencies.

Skills Matching

Use instruments built for tackling unemployment, facilitating transitions to jobs and making TVET more responsive and resilient toward labour market risks.

Stackable Micro-credentials

How does it work?

GCRI’s network platforms enable members to start building pathways toward accomplishing a degree or certificate offered by third-party institutions. It is run by a novel PoC mechanism and allows members to participate in MPM through WILP. GCRI’s federated approach to micro-credentials empowers stakeholders to collaborate and develop frameworks and competencies for the twin digital-green transformation with macro-typology of higher education, future of work, and lifelong learning (LLL)
Participate in up-skilling and re-skilling activities
Earn credits for works delivered via MPM
Showcase achievements with smart badges
Request assessment for skills, education and competence
Publish courses in a full-featured marketplace
Issue credentials with specific requirements
Award certificates in a zero-trust environment
Verify credentials from other institutions and jurisdictions
Publish work-integrated learning pathways
Use MPM for up-skilling and hiring talents with PoC
Define metrics for industry ranking in your niche
Validate skills with live Competence Score
Publish bounties for solutions you are looking for
Leverage open collaboration to build competency frameworks
Reward your community with matching pools and PoI
Accept CoI to support public goods and philanthropy

Frequently Asked Questions

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A credential is considered stackable when it is part of a sequence of industry-recognized credentials accumulated over time to demonstrate an individual’s expanded knowledge and competencies, help them advance within a career pathway, and enable the learner to earn family-sustaining wages
Twin Transformation
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Turning Agency Into Value

Micro-production Model

The Micro-production Model- MPM is focused on building value-based, impact-driven and simplified WILP for the twin digital-green transformation. MPM’s learning pathways integrate research and development modules using micro-services and micro-tasks to validate skills gained through inLabs’ programs. MPM’s multi-platform network acts as a utility infrastructure with end-to-end participatory mechanisms to help stakeholders engage and empower talents, immigrants, newcomers and citizens through up-skilling and re-skilling programs. It facilitates re-entry to the labour market while earning micro-credentials contributing to the best of their abilities during each stage of career development. Learn more


Embrace the Future of Work

The sustainability of society depends on its capacity to upscale resilient initiatives. We aim to be a catalyst of change, allowing the global society to find systemic solutions to complex issues. Our goals can only be met if we work together. International investments and support are needed to ensure innovative technological development, fair trade and market access, especially for developing countries. To build a better world, we need to be supportive, empathetic, inventive, passionate, and above all, cooperative

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