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Education Development

inLab is revolutionizing the learning paradigm, crafting the education of tomorrow. Blending advanced tech, pedagogical research, and progressive policies, we champion lifelong learning, edtech innovations, and global education accessibility. Central to our mission is collective intelligence, connecting educators and learners. Dive into inLab, nurturing curiosity, inclusivity, and innovation in education. Be part of the learning evolution

Data privacy
Secure Network Platforms
For twin digital-green transition
Collective Intelligence
For risk discovery & systems innovation
Cloud Computing
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Launch your projects to trusted participants in minutes and power up your pipelines with the most potent and flexible participatory mechanism built for the twin digital-green transition





Create comprehensive project engagement pipelines that are vital to the success of your project. Understand and respond to the risks and opportunities with continuous learning modules





Infuse pipelines to validate research, results, and reports. Establish dynamic methods capable of evaluating, and increasing possibilities within research and development communities


First, get the Credits you need to launch projects. Credits will be stored in your account, and you can pay by the project, steps or actions. No contracts and no subscriptions are required. 

Use your MPM launchpad to configure project steps in specific pathways. Load balance credits to each step according to the project’s needs.

Use the MPM dashboard to list projects in your target niche and distribute resources across your Bounties, Quests, Builds and Risks streams.

Accordion Content

Streamline and automate workflow with vCredits to create a robust peer review and validation process for your projects. Leverage community power to build anti-biased, consistent and high-performing pipelines in a zero-trust environment for optimal results. 

Release funds after successful delivery and re-configure projects for new opportunities. Equip your teams with full network capabilities to up-skill and scale the projects.


Nominate yourself or someone in your network to work on specific projects. Visit Bounties, Quests,  Builds, and Risks for available options in your niche or region. Earn micro-credentials and get rewarded for verified results

Start working on projects and deliver results based on the project plan. You only need nomination approval for permissioned projects. If a project is listed as permissionless, you can start taking on steps immediately without the funder’s approval. Check verification methods in each project and get in touch with group leaders for process details and more clarifications.

Use Docs capability in your account to save and deliver projects based on plan requirements. Once everything is ready, send deliverables to the specified group using the Group Doc for peer review and validation. 

Stack your credits securely and keep track of your progress toward specific goals. Projects labelled under QH Registries have micro-credential components with ranking systems in niche industries. Your earned credits are matched by learning pathways that count toward a particular certification

Redeem your earned credits using one of the following options in your account dashboard:

Payouts: enter the amount you want to withdraw and email to receive the payment process (PayPal or Stripe).

Payments: choose credits as a payment method during checkout to purchase services and products on this platform.

Partial Payments: reduce a purchase total on this platform by using credits based on the conversion rate.

Cards: generate a commerce card and redeem credits from associate vendors listed in the Commerce area.

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