We believe that prosperity starts with financial security—not being one paycheck away from financial disaster. It gains momentum with financial stability – having savings to obtain assets that build wealth, like a house or an education. And it continues with financial mobility – the opportunity to climb the economic ladder for a brighter future. We design and deliver programs and resources to help social sector leaders build the competencies, confidence, and connections to accelerate equity and leadership.


We harness the power of innovation to create a financially inclusive world

The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation is an interdisciplinary hub that connects economists, financiers, engineers and information technologists under the same umbrella to create future capacity building and innovation. We are home to a worldwide network of cross-industry leaders driving innovation and new growth – representing small specialty companies, large global corporations, government labs, and everyone in between.

Working horizontally, members can offer under-served consumers a powerful combination of tech solutions and supportive relationships with trusted partners — all with the goal of building financial health in sustainable societies.

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We provide advisory services, targeted coaching, support, and governance to deliver the high-quality, affordable financial tools and services


Our advisory work helps established financial service providers and startups create mission-driven, and efficient organizations that achieve scale, impact, and returns
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We enhance impact investments in companies that expand, improve, and accelerate financial inclusion around the globe and across local communities


From seed to development, we make it easy for everyone to invest in products and services that benefit the world’s three billion financially underserved
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We actively partner with leaders and organizations around the world to sustain our work developing new products, new jobs, new markets, and new policies


Partnerships are essential to advancing financial inclusion and we work alongside our institutional partners to cultivate new markets for new economic potentials
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