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Network Bounties

Network Bounties is a crowdsourcing initiative that rewards individuals for network development. Bounties enable stakeholders to seamlessly create digital twins in a zero-trust environment, collaborating with world-class experts to provide effective and optimal results just-in-time. Bounty paths connect QH stakeholders with industry experts, services, and solutions who can work on network development activities. 

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Launch your projects to trusted participants in minutes and power up your pipelines with the most potent and flexible participatory mechanism built for the twin digital-green transition


Create comprehensive engagement pipelines that are vital to the success of your project. Understand and respond to the risks and opportunities with continuous learning modules


Infuse pipelines to validate research, results, and reports. Establish dynamic methods capable of evaluating and increasing possibilities within research and development communities

school building
Publish bounties for institutional issues
Publish bounties for sector-based industry issues
Publish bounties for social and community issues
city railway station
Publish bounties for the city and regional issues
Publish bounties for consortium issues
Publish bounties for government issues

Boost scientific values with research bounties

project management 1
Design new apps and dApps with design bounties
Launch DevOps projects with development bounties
policy document
Create and maintain policy bounties for optimal results
maslow pyramid 1
Integrate new solutions with integration bounties
venn diagram 1
Make systems work together with interoperation bounties
laptop play video
Launch project paths for real-time production
cloud bar chart
Design and deploy programs with active delivery channels
backend development

Launch product bounties with dedicated DevOps tools


Run process design and optimization with bounties

privacy policy
Create work station for platform development
accounting 1
Run competence cells for system innovation
money yours 1

Boost solutions with CRS for optimal onboarding

user shield 1

Integrate badges and share your portfolio anywhere


Digital certificates for solutions: CoQ , CoE , CoI

rubiks cube

Leverage micro-credentials for skills and competencies

qr code

Join commerces and match with ecosystem leaders


Participate in awards for solutions providers

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A micro-credential is considered stackable when it is part of a sequence of industry-recognized credentials accumulated over time to demonstrate an individual’s expanded knowledge and competencies, help them advance within a career pathway, and enable the learner to earn family-sustaining wages.
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