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Topics: Innovation Lab

What is Innovation Lab?

December 3, 2020 39
Definition Innovation Lab serves as an interdisciplinary hub to test new ideas with governments, institutions, and leaders worldwide. Goal Our goal is to harness collective governance and sustainable innovation to tackle environmental, social, and governance challenges. Stakeholders We work with bu...

Innovation Lab: Mission Statement

December 3, 2020 34
Mission We work horizontally and collaboratively with our members and external partners. The Lab's mission is two-fold: Production To produce breakthrough innovations by sourcing, testing, and scaling proven solutions Transformation To accelerate the transformation of the social enterprise and colla...

Innovation Lab: Value Statement

December 3, 2020 13
Values The principles of sustainability guide our actions. We believe that only by combining social responsibility, ecological balance, civil participation, and economic capability will current and future generations lead secure and dignified lives. Conflicting goals and interests have to be resolve...

Innovation Lab: A Scientific Approach

December 3, 2020 14
Approach Our focus on leveraging sustainability promise reflects the GCRI's broad embrace of a scientific method in risk and innovation to bring about positive change and solve some of the world's most pressing challenges. Science We leverage the technical expertise of scientists and researchers wor...

Innovation Lab: Operation

December 3, 2020 20
Operation The Lab's innovations, technologies, and approaches have applications across different sectors of public service. That is why we collaborate with many public and private sector partners to address cross-cutting global and local issues. We have put a novel system into place to support democ...

Innovation Lab: Community

December 3, 2020 18
Members The Lab provides a platform for peer-to-peer exchange to gain new insights and network with other members. Innovation Lab stimulates discussion and debates the topics of interest to active members with the following objectives. Exchange and Collaboration GCRI is a unique forum that is the on...

Innovation Lab: Strategic Objectives

December 3, 2020 22
Vision Our vision is to contribute to a socially-focused public sector through which creative imagination and open innovation are protected from the impacts of internal and external risks inherent to social and economic world orders. Objectives GCRI enhances its position as a global leader in R&...

Innovation Lab: Programs & Benefits

December 3, 2020 18
Programs The GCRI is a member-run global non-profit whose mandate is to deliver sustainable solutions for humanity's most compelling challenges. We do this by building on our research and technology development strengths in the core sectors of health, environment, energy, data and finance, and platf...

Innovation Lab: Theory, Concept, and Application

December 3, 2020 32
Challenge Accelerating the journey from theory to concepts and applications is critical to securing our world-class peer production and paving the way for more sustainable innovation. Nevertheless, a common concern is that, while support is available for early-stage research and commercial developme...

P2P Production

May 9, 2021 10
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