Certificates of Achievements

Certificates of Achievements (CoA) are electronic documents that confirm members’ achievements and cryptographically link PoC ownership to CoA records. CoA paths enable members to leverage MPM toward accomplishing a degree or certificate. Our federated approach to micro-credentials empowers QH stakeholders to issue digital certificates and develop a robust SCF through lifelong learning (LLL) streams.


Certificates of Achievement

CoA Level I


3 Requirements

CoA Level III


2 Requirements




Launch your projects to trusted participants in minutes and power up your pipelines with the most potent and flexible participatory mechanism built for the twin digital-green transition




Create comprehensive engagement pipelines that are vital to the success of your project. Understand and respond to the risks and opportunities with continuous learning modules




Infuse pipelines to validate research, results, and reports. Establish dynamic methods capable of evaluating and increasing possibilities within research and development communities


Sponsor certificates for institutional projects

Sponsor certificates for sector-based industry projects

Sponsor certificates for social development

Sponsor certificates for the city and regional projects

Sponsor certificates for consortium projects

Sponsor certificates for public goods projects


CoA for research projects achievements

CoA for design projects achievements

CoA for DevOps projects achievements

CoA for policy projects achievements

CoA for integration projects achievements

CoA for interoperation projects achievements


Earn CoA for team building achievement

Earn CoA for solution design achievement

Earn CoA for startup building achievement

Earn CoA for organizational target achievement

Earn CoA for network building achievement

Earn CoA for systems innovation achievement


Leverage CRS for optimal certification process

Integrate badges and share your portfolio anywhere

Earn digital certificates: CoA , CoQ , CoE , CoI

Embrace micro-credentials for skills and competencies

Generate commerce cards and match with leaders

Participate in achievement awards for learners

Frequently Asked Questions

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A micro-credential is considered stackable when it is part of a sequence of industry-recognized credentials accumulated over time to demonstrate an individual’s expanded knowledge and competencies, help them advance within a career pathway, and enable the learner to earn family-sustaining wages.