Your online workspace is where you’ll be able to access inLab’s interactive business tools, access extra resources, and view your earnings with advanced analytics features. The workspace also allows you to track your progress and see an overview of account performance. inLab features has been built with innovation-based entrepreneurship methodologies and is designed to take you step by step to structure your pathways. You’ll also find examples, tutorials, and additional resources to help challenge your ideas and evaluate your options. At the end, members can use it to pitch ideas to investors, present project in competitions, or apply for new roles- all with verifiable Proof-of-Competence.

inLab’s networking solutions help businesses build pipelines, enhance traffic, keep stakeholders happy, secure the future, and easily provision services. Leverage inLab’s unique configuration based on your specific business type and needs for a successful green transition.
Around the world, underrepresented founders face a disproportionate lack of access to capital and support networks. We’re on a mission to support thriving, diverse, and inclusive communities woeldwide. inLab’s platform connect startups with the right people, products, and best practices.
A startup demands much more than just a great idea. It demands a lot of time, discipline, dedication, and most importantly, funding. Early-stage businesses can find Accelerators and Incubators as an option for their startup funding through inLab’s platform with proof of impact.


inLab is focused on building value-based, simplified, and streamlined micro-services for verifiable micro-credentials. Micro-credits are awarded by delivering micro-services to validate skills gained through experience or prior learning. They can open access to employment, postsecondary programming, and lifelong learning opportunities. By organizing programs into a series of knowledge-enabled pathways that build on each other, inLab can offer incremental milestones on the path to associate degree, certification, and licensing completion. A micro-credential is an assessment of learning that is related to a specific skill or competency. It is usually carried out in a variety of contexts and is usually recognized as a certification.
Earn pCredits for participating in community governance and engagement activities
Earn eCredits for work offered to third parties and other collaborative work environments

Earn vCredits for valuation activities such as reviews, vendor ranking and open proposals



inLab is pioneering a new approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions by encouraging micro-services for ESG integration and supporting early-stage startups implementing ESG criteria. It provide tools, capacities, and communities to integrate ESG policies early on and secure world-class position. Startups that mitigate ESG risks create a resilient culture, which can attract both investors and communities, making the value of ESG investing clear. inLab allows us to make long-term commitments proactively and evolve our innovation thesis with the community as the opportunity emerges. We believe stewarding an inclusive network with conviction around our collective mission is the best way to create and deliver value.
inLab programs combine stackable credentials with opportunities to earn credit for prior learning provides multiple entry points into the market opportunities. This ensures that members who have gained knowledge and skills through work experience, public service, or informal education have access to higher education and can receive credit for competencies mastered along the journey.

inLab’s architecture enable an automated systems development while providing visibility on projects results and performance improvement. It is designed to efficiently distribute work and load-balance data pipelines for reporting, benchmarking, and performance review against peers in real-time. inLab projects enable materiality assessment and risk analysis beyond traditional limits.

inLab’s virtual incubation program is designed to support ecopreneurs and innovators that are still at an early stage. That means members and teams either already developed a business concept or have built an MVP, but don’t have much business structure. If members have an idea they’re passionate about inLab supports developing solutions with integrated resources and networks.

Value Creation Ecosystem

Innovation Lab (inLab) provides reward credits and visualizes the value of actors’ contributions while compensating for their time and resources. Credits can be used as vouchers to support local goods, education, entrepreneurship opportunities, and public services


Earn credits while building solutions for complex ESG issues and projects that matter.


Fund your projects with anti-bias and performance based incentive mechanisms.

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