How can I contribute to or initiate a quest, bounty, or build on inLab?

One of inLab’s core strengths is its micro-production model (MPM) that encompasses quests, bounties, and builds. This model encourages collaborative efforts and is the driving force behind the platform’s problem-solving and innovative pursuits. If you’re looking to be a part of this dynamic system, here’s how you can contribute or initiate. Quests: Quests in inLab are essentially challenges or problems that need solutions. They are often posed by organizations, researchers, or even inLab community members.
  1. Identifying a Quest:
    • Can originate from current global challenges, unsolved research questions, or a specific need within a sector.
    • Example: An NGO wants to find sustainable methods to provide clean water in remote areas.
  2. Initiating a Quest:
    • Navigate to the ‘Quests’ section on inLab’s platform.
    • Click on ‘Initiate a Quest’ and fill out the details, providing as much clarity and context as possible.
    • The quest will be reviewed by inLab’s team for feasibility and clarity before publishing.
  3. Contributing to a Quest:
    • Browse available quests, and if one aligns with your expertise, click on ‘Contribute’.
    • Provide your solution or approach. Collaborate with others if needed.
Bounties: Bounties are rewards set for solutions or significant contributions to existing quests.
  1. Setting a Bounty:
    • Identify a quest that you think deserves special attention or is of high priority.
    • Specify the reward amount and any specific criteria for winning the bounty.
    • Example: A tech company offers a significant bounty for anyone who can come up with a novel algorithm to optimize their data processing.
  2. Claiming a Bounty:
    • If you’ve provided a solution that meets the criteria of a bounty, you can claim it upon successful review of your contribution.
Builds: Builds are collaborative projects aimed at realizing the solutions proposed for quests. It’s where ideas turn into actionable results.
  1. Proposing a Build:
    • Once a solution to a quest is identified and gains traction, propose a ‘Build’ to actualize it.
    • Detail the resources, timeline, collaborators, and expected outcomes.
    • Example: After identifying a new clean energy method, a team proposes a ‘Build’ to create a prototype.
  2. Joining a Build:
    • Navigate to the ‘Builds’ section.
    • Browse ongoing builds and click ‘Join’ on those that align with your skills or interest.
    • Collaborate with the team, contribute your expertise, and drive the project towards its goals.
Ensuring Quality and Compliance:
  • All quests, bounties, and builds are subject to review by inLab’s committees.
  • It ensures that they align with the platform’s standards and objectives.
Whether you’re looking to challenge the community with a pressing issue, incentivize solutions with bounties, or turn ideas into tangible projects through builds, inLab provides a comprehensive and collaborative environment. By understanding and navigating these features, you can play a pivotal role in the platform’s mission of addressing global challenges and pioneering innovative solutions.
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