What is micro-credentialing?

Learners can develop new paths to improve skills or learn new ways to measure their Competence Scores in the classroom and workplace. Micro-credentialing on the GCRI platforms is enabled by MPM with a built-in PoC mechanism to help professionals upskill and advance their careers as part of LLL.

A micro-credential is a type of certification typically used for people who want to improve their skills in a specific area. It can be broad or specific, such as “Machine Learning.” To earn micro-credentials, members must complete various activities and projects related to the topic. After completing the requirements, they can submit work and related documents to multiple parties for credential assessment and recognition.

There are no official requirements for micro-credentials. Members on the GCRI platforms start the onboarding process by taking multi-level assessment tests online. Micro-credentials can be issued by institutions, consortiums, regions or industry bodies with complete flexibility in curriculum design and maximum interoperability in career mobility.
Since different micro-credentials are created differently, members must consult with issuing bodies via group leaders and mentors to choose the right path. Members can post Q&A on Assembly for the best possible options in local and international jurisdictions.

Once they complete the required steps for a micro-credential, the results will be available as PoC to showcase that learners accomplished the necessary skills and training needed for work. For instance, designers, researchers and developers planning on participating in LLL and professional development programs can use the micro-credential to receive credit for their work.

The goal of a micro-credential is to provide a PoC showcasing the necessary skills and knowledge acquired to perform a specific job or navigate opportunities in a niche industry. PoC coupled with CoI offers a complete analytical overview of members’ performance at any stage of their career development.

Like other types of certifications, micro-credentials can be used to demonstrate various skills or abilities in any industry.

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