The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI)

Global Stewardship Board

The Global Stewardship Board (GSB) within the GCRI operates at the nexus of global governance, orchestrating the organization's mission to mitigate risk and build resilience across diverse ecosystems and societies worldwide. As the strategic helm of GCRI, the GSB integrates insights from Regional Stewardship Boards (RSBs) and Specialized Leadership Boards (SLBs), ensuring a harmonized approach to developing standards, frameworks, and norms in risk management that are informed by the planetary nexus governance model. It champions the integration of bioregional collective intelligence and leverages the global data commons as a planetary resource, akin to natural ecosystems, to foster sustainable development and innovation. The GSB embodies the commitment to a future where global communities are resilient, sustainably developed, and innovatively managed, prioritizing the integration of all forms of knowledge and emphasizing the rational model of governance that aligns with the principles of planetary nexus governance. Through its leadership, the GSB propels the GCRI as the focal point for global efforts in risk mitigation and resilience building, setting the pace for a collaborative and informed response to the challenges of the Anthropocene.

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