GCRI enables building and institutionalizing a network of relationships among diverse actors and nurturing their commitment for systemic research of the complex and interconnected global and local challenges. We aim at increasing economic prosperity and social justice through open collaboration within planetary boundaries.

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The GCRI's Finance Committee has the oversight of the impact investing and green financing initiatives.

The GCRI's Green Financing initiatives are made up of working groups, bespoke workshops and trainings, and collaborative projects and services designed to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of experiences between investor bodies and members of the investment community. Finance Committee guides the future development of R&D services, technology and also a variety of non-technical topics for the GCRI community.

The GCRI's Research initiatives brings together researchers from local research centres, member organizations, research institutions, commercial entities and industrial sectors. GCRI provide an effective framework for research forums to share information and best practices and to discuss possible innovations, funding, and further development of novel services.


Portfolio Screening
Screen portfolios and remove investments that don’t align with your values or standards.
Thematic Strategy
Build strategies for ESG investing in a specific theme within your impact portfolio.
Risk Assessment
Acquire comprehensive insights into your risk profile, identify solutions and optimize decisions.
ESG Integration
Utilize best investment approaches and align your portfolio with sustainable goals.
Impact Assessment
Collaborate with civil society and local communities to measure the impact of your portfolio.
Impact Investing
Generate measurable positive social and environmental impact alongside financial return.

Build Resilience

Sustainable solutions will never be produced in ivory towers. It requires resilient networks that unite various actors and encourage a plurality of methods, perspectives, and skills, allowing for agile, engaged, and inclusive R&D. Use the collective intelligence of the GCRI networks to make value/supply chains more resilient, creating synergies and cooperation with civil society organizations to anticipate risks and prepare for new opportunities and challenges.

Make Impacts

Demonstrate leadership, responsibility and impact. Be the change the world needs!
1. Competence Cell

Our journey begins with co-creating semi-autonomous research units to study your objectives. We help you mix skills and approaches to build competence cells and make your goals a reality

2. Digital Transformation

Support shifting to knowledge-enabled responsible investment. Our team can help you invest optimally, with a wider mission to transform digital tools and communities for impact investing

3. Green Transition

Bring circularity into enterprise processes. Our teams help you channel expertise, technology, and resources for becoming more responsible, efficient and impact driven investor

4. Risk Analytics

We help you build next-gen operational analytics by combining internal and external data for business intelligence, performance management, simulation, and decision support systems

5. Sustainable Outcomes

Our teams assist you streamlining sustainable solutions and use the collective intelligence of the GCRI community to cope with complex ESG challenges

6. Impact Assessment

Our teams help accelerating your impact journey. GCRI's peer-to-peer service hub take a 360° approach towards impact measurement and reporting process for greater efficiency and ESG impact

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Co-create systemic solutions to complex glocal issues

Fiercely Independent
We are fiercely independent, diverse, non-partisan, and non-profit. We look at ESG issues with unshakeable standards, and we call it like we see it.
Impact Oriented
We propose a framework for impact-oriented research that includes measuring environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values.
Community Governed
We leverage the wisdom of the crowd to create a community-governed, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem for research and innovation.
Open Academy

Create educational courses or learn from other peers.

100 Credits
250 Credits
500 Credits

Build pool of data, new knowledge, teams and skills.

Innovation Lab

Join living labs and build open source applications.

100 Credits
250 Credits
500 Credits

Run advocacy and fundraising campaigns for impact.


Publish videos, run video ads, and streaming.


Boost brands with marketing tools and virtual events.

1 Channel
3 Channels
5 Channels

Advisory services to deliver high-quality experience.

1 hour
3 hours

Consultancy services to navigate challenging issues.

1 hour
3 hours

Training services to personalize yuor discovery process.

1 hour
3 hours

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The GCRI is building a new architecture for governance and technology that is more social, integrative, and driven by civil society. It is a place for anyone looking to better integrate private and public action, people, nature, and future generations, to build a global society that attracts us to work together rather than be divided.
We envision a world of harmony, equity, and justice for all on a sustainable planet, nurtured by open collaboration, responsive institutions, and empowered citizens. The end goal is to create a pluralistic network of independent, scalable, and interoperable tribes for impactful action.
The GCRI platform is focused on improving global governance by building a broader community with targeted initiatives and best practices. The GCRI was established on the premise that non-state actors need better digital public infrastructure to coordinate. To accomplish its objectives, the GCRI platform is designed to provide a neutral and inclusive space for technology and policy debates as a platform where members can exchange different ideas while leveraging an equal chance to participate in various novel activities, collective actions, local projects, and global initiatives. The GCRI platform facilitates sustained dialogue and project work among civil society, private entities, foundations, and academia.

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