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The GCRI's Innovation Lab serves as an innovation hub to test new ideas with governments, institutions, and leaders worldwide. Our goal is to harness collective governance and sustainable innovation to tackle environmental, social, and governance challenges
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Key Features

Innovation lab brings together an unusual bunch of participants, cutting across the boundaries of industries, professions, and cultures, to fuel collaborative innovation

Data Solutions

From consulting on information technology to designing, purchasing, implementing, and supporting those technologies, we help you succeed

Global DevShop

We connect projects with top-rated development teams worldwide producing technically sophisticated, beautifully designed, and socially conscious applications

Civic Technology

We thrive on open collaboration to help us create a premiere resource for civic technology platforms and distribution around the globe

Social Innovation

Our approach is collective yet decentralized, driven by the principle of self-governance and rigorous use of evidence, disruptive technology, and people’s power

We build technology that empower people

We believe it is always possible to add or bring more innovation in every idea, business or organization and help them to stand out at global stage


Innovation Lab enables you to quickly test and deploy your idea, and easily integrate it into our existing services. It reduces complexity and time to market while maintaining satisfaction rate, security audits, and acquisition cycles

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We believe that independent innovators shape our planet's future. Our independent advisors and mentors promote international security, prosperity, and justice for all by building tools, prototyping new technologies, creating datasets, working with local leaders, and training government officials


Create a fully responsive, multi-feature portfolio to showcase yourself and your work. From there, you can modify privacy and modular design as desired. Innovators worldwide use their portfolio to showcase their work and connect with ideas, projects, and peers

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From civic hacks to collaborative design and global actions, we are always finding new ways to give our members more ways to get involved, succeed, and achieve our ultimate goal: to make innovation more open, inclusive, and sustainable

We envision a world of harmony, equity, and justice for all on a sustainable planet, nurtured by innovation, open collaboration, and engaged citizenry

We provide advisory services, targeted coaching, support, ongoing insights and governance analytics to deliver the high-quality, affordable tools and services


Tackling Global Risk

We actively partner with leaders and organizations around the world to sustain our work developing new research, new jobs, new markets, and new policies


Building New Possibilities

Our approach is collective yet decentralized, driven by the principle of self-governance and rigorous use of evidence, disruptive technology, and people’s power


Creating Novel technologies

Frequently Asket Questions

Innovation Lab helps you with a distributed software development model in which partners collaborate on single solution applications or develop mini-projects that are assembled for a final solution buildout

The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) is a distributed resource and decentralized network committed to accelerating public participation in research, policymaking, and development programs

Our Mechanism Design aims at improving access to R&D opportunities for social impact, especially for marginalized and developing communities. Governments and institutions leverage GCRI’s network to design evaluation frameworks and allocation policies for better, simpler, and faster alternatives. Through integrated and optimized mechanism designs, we significantly improve social welfare and quality of life. Our approach is collaborative and requires a deep understanding of critical topics with appropriate cultural awareness to formulate optimal strategies for efficient, fair, and sustainable solutions.

Working as multidisciplinary teams, our advisors help develop and implement frameworks for the future of science policy and public participation. That is why we work with researchers who have extensive experience working closely with local, regional, and global stakeholders.

We work with businesses leaders, civil society actors, and research institutions to foster successful interaction between technology, public, and policy. The commissioning parties and cooperation partners place trust in the GCRI, and we work with them to generate novel ideas for positive change.

There is no project without the project charter. It is the most critical project deliverable. The project charter identifies the need for the project, formally provides authorization for a project and grants authority to the project manager to request resources and conduct project activities.

The purpose of the project charter is to document the following explicitly:

  • Project Objectives
  • Constraints of the project
  • Internal & External Stakeholders
  • In-scope activities
  • Out-of-scope activities
  • Assumptions
  • Benefits of the project’s outcomes
  • Positive & Negative Risks
  • High-level budget and spending authority

For a large multi-phased project, it is advisable to have the project charter for each phase. We suggest only submit projects once your documents are prepared and reviewed by our independent advisors. Everyone can post projects under their profile for review. Please register and login to see all features.

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