polishing a brand name to stay out of controversy

The makers of Coon cheese will no doubt have paid close attention to the publicity surrounding Nestle’s rebadging of its Red Skins and Chicos confectionary brands. While the change of Chicos to Cheekies was uncontroversial, the change of Red Skins to Red Ripper – a name given decades ago to…

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could dinosaurs evolve back into existence?

Will there ever be dinosaurs again? — Anonymous What an interesting question! Well, technically dinosaurs are still here in the form of birds. Just like you’re a direct descendant of your grandparents, birds are the only remaining direct descendants of dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus rex belonged to a dinosaur group called theropods.…

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key workers on zero-hours contracts overlooked again

To deal with the “economic emergency” caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a series of measures at the recent spending review to try and stabilise the economy. One of the central pillars of the review focused on jobs and help for low-paid workers – with an increase…

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How to help new hires as they start their jobs in COVID-19 isolation

Do you remember the day you started your first job? Whether a part-time gig after school, a co-op placement or your first serious full-time job after graduation, it’s likely your first weeks at work were spent absorbing a lot of information. Though your employer may have provided you with some…

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a brief history of chess in Australia

The new Netflix miniseries The Queen’s Gambit has received rave reviews around the world. Surprisingly for a chess-themed show, it received a warm reception by the global chess community, which is usually highly critical of portrayals of tournament chess in film. The experiences of star character Beth Harmon loosely correlate…

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Five ways Black Friday shopping will be different in 2020

Friday November 27 marks a key date in the UK’s retail calendar as consumers head online to take advantage of thousands of so-called “Black Friday” discounts. Although the name was traditionally used in the US for the Friday following Thanksgiving, in recent years the shopping event has risen to prominence…

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how three CEOs helped their companies thrive in a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted different responses from company CEOs seeking to ensure their businesses survive. Keeping their employees safe has been the first priority, but beyond that, their task has involved understanding the situation, launching countermeasures, and trying to evolve ways of working to ensure their businesses can continue.…

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News of the collapse of the Grocon empire is greatly exaggerated

Grocon, the Australian construction empire that grew from the family concreting business started by Luigi Grollo in Melbourne in 1948, is on its last legs. But Grocon, the privately held property development empire headed by Luigi’s grandson Daniel Grollo, will continue to operate. Media outlets have breathlessly reported Grollo’s announcement…

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What Canada’s top CEOs think about remote work

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, millions of Canadians switched from working in a central office location to working from home. Days turned into weeks, and weeks have turned into months. Now it’s almost 2021, and millions of employees in Canada still work from home full time with no…

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How do geese know how to fly south for the

Why do tigers have stripes?

Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to [email protected] Why do tigers have stripes? – Vidit M., age 8, New Delhi, India When tigers stalk their prey, usually in the murky light of dusk…

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review finds most retirees well off, some very badly off

The government’s Retirement Incomes Review paints an encouraging picture of the finances of retired Australians. Most are at least as well off in retirement as they were while working, and most are more financially satisfied and less financially-stressed than Australians of working age. But not all. The huge exception is…

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