The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI)

North America Stewardship Board

The North America Regional Stewardship Board (RSB) within the GCRI harnesses the region's pioneering spirit in technological innovation and its robust approach to risk management to advance the global agenda on sustainability and resilience. Emphasizing North America's leading role in digital transformation, renewable energy adoption, and advanced research and development, RSB NORTH facilitates the integration of these strengths into the GCRI's planetary nexus governance framework. It aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technological solutions and sustainable practices, promoting standards and frameworks that reflect the region's unique contributions to global risk mitigation efforts. Through fostering collaborative networks among academia, industry, and government across the continent, the RSB NORTH ensures the region's active engagement in shaping and implementing global norms, making it a pivotal force in the worldwide pursuit of sustainable development and innovation-driven resilience.

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