The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI)

South America Stewardship Board

The South America Regional Stewardship Board (RSB) within the GCRI embodies the region's rich biodiversity and cultural diversity, bringing a unique perspective to global sustainability and risk management efforts. This RSB leverages South America's extensive experience in environmental stewardship, social innovation, and community-based resilience strategies to contribute significantly to the GCRI's planetary nexus governance framework. It focuses on integrating the region's indigenous knowledge and sustainable practices with cutting-edge technological solutions, aiming to promote sustainable development that respects and preserves natural ecosystems. By fostering collaboration among regional stakeholders across various sectors, the RSB SOUTH plays a critical role in advancing standards, frameworks, and norms that are both globally informed and locally adaptable, positioning South America as a key player in the global dialogue on resilience building and risk mitigation.

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