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An invitation to explore, discuss and imagine new systems, technologies and mechanisms capable of building resilience, accelerating innovation & reducing risks to human civilization

Civilization Σ
Collective Intelligence Ecosystem

Harnessing principles of lifelong learning, open collaboration, sustainable development, and collective intelligence, the Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) is catalyzing a novel paradigm in risk management. This model synergizes human acumen, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies to create resilient, sustainable systems. Through the nexus of the Collective Intelligence Ecosystem (ΣIE), we aim to embody and engineer a future where the mutual benefits of human-machine collaboration are realized, advancing global wellbeing

Lifelong Learning
Open Collaboration
Sustainable Development
Collective Intelligence
Distributed Cognition
As pioneers in Distributed Cognition, ΣIE leverages collective intelligence to solve pressing global challenges. Our integrated network fosters cognitive diversity and collaboration, enhancing problem-solving capacity and promoting informed decision-making
Risk Analytics
The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) is the premier destination for advanced Risk Analytics. Our interdisciplinary approach merges technology and societal insights, transforming complex data into actionable strategies to mitigate global risks and drive sustainable development
Emergency Management
Harnessing the power of innovation, ΣIE leads the charge in comprehensive Emergency Management. Our global collaborative platform is designed to prepare, respond, and recover from crises, fostering resiliency and safety across communities worldwide
Collective Intelligence
Dive into the realm of Spatio-Temporal Intelligence with ΣIE. We synthesize time and space data, utilizing advanced analytics to decode complex patterns. This empowers us to predict and respond to global risks, fostering a safer, more sustainable world
Decision-support System
Experience next-generation Decision-support Systems with ΣIE. We utilize AI, machine learning, and multidisciplinary insights to guide critical decision-making processes, empowering stakeholders to navigate complex risk landscapes with confidence
Crisis Response
Empowering Community-oriented Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), utilizing our global platform to equip them with innovative strategies for crisis management. Through research, policy creation, and capacity building, ΣIE strengthens CERTs' ability to respond to emergencies, fostering resilient, equitable communities
Sustainable Innovation
Discover Sustainable Innovation at its best wit the GCRI's Collective Intelligence Ecosystem. We unite global minds and technologies to devise sustainable solutions for pressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, ushering in a future where harmony, equity, and justice prevail
Participatory Governance
Experience transformative Participatory Governance. Our consensus platforms bring together civil society, academia, industry, and government, fostering collective action for risk mitigation and the creation of resilient, democratic communities
Civic Empowerment
We advocate for Civic Empowerment, fostering an environment where every voice matters. Our unique approach intertwines advanced technology and participatory mechanisms, enabling individuals and communities globally to take active roles in mitigating risks and driving change for a more resilient future
About GCRI

In an era marked by escalating global risks, traditional institutional approaches fall short, prompting the emergence of the Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI). As an international non-profit, GCRI is pioneering an innovative risk mitigation approach, fostering a unique nexus where academia, industry, government, and civil society collaboratively address global risks. Leveraging advanced risk analytics, collective intelligence, and distributed cognition, GCRI designs decision-support systems, empowering civic participation in risk mitigation, and resilience building. Our innovative platforms promote participatory mechanisms, facilitating a symbiotic, community-driven approach to problem-solving. Bridging a critical gap, GCRI represents a transformative shift in our collective response to global risks, providing the integrative, socially-driven change our world urgently needs. +Learn more

GCRI is an international non-profit organization dedicated to reducing global risks through public participation in research, policy, and development programs, with a focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues.

Our mission is to create a nexus for civil society, academia, industry, and government to collaboratively mitigate risks and make smarter decisions towards more resilient, democratic, and prosperous communities.

GCRI bridges the digital and physical divide through innovative tools and community-driven paths such as ILA, MPM, GRIx, iVRS, CRS, SCF, and DICE, enabling resilience building and sustainability.

GCRI empowers communities with advanced tools and knowledge in risk mitigation, emergency management and crisis response, fostering a proactive approach to risk mitigation, resilience building, and civic responsibility.
GCRI empowers citizens through participation in research, policy-making, and development programs, encouraging the public to actively engage in shaping a resilient and sustainable future.

As a member of SDSN Canada and Alliance 2030, GCRI supports action-oriented research and practical solutions for sustainable development, contributing to the implementation of the United Nations SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement.

GCRI holds Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC, since 2023.

Harness our wide range of services, from expert advisory and consultancy to our advanced R&D platform, designed to drive innovation and growth. Tap into our Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS), a unique solution equipping your frontline workforce with crucial insights for optimal risk management. Experience seamless and sustainable transitions with our robust Systems Integration, and fast-track your innovation with our ad-hoc R&D unit, Competence Cells. At the GCRI, we offer comprehensive opportunities to fuel your business growth, enhance resilience, and keep you ahead in the innovation curve. Collaborate with us for a sustainable, innovative future teeming with limitless possibilities


Power your enterprise's growth with The Risk Agency at GCRI, your trusted partner for expert risk mitigation strategies, advisory services, and personalized consultancy.


Propel learning and upskiling with The Risk Academy, offering tailored education pathways and WILPs to foster expertise in risk management and sustainable innovation.


Dive into the world of cutting-edge R&D with inLab, a dynamic innovation ecosystem fueling rapid prototyping, open collaboration, and high-impact solutions to global risks and challenges.
Web 3.0
Leading the transition to Web 3.0, effectively managing risks while harnessing AI, data interconnectivity, and user-centric content for sustainable, technology-driven global growth
Society 5.0
Envisioning a harmonious, tech-integrated Society 5.0, identifying risks and fueling sustainable innovation to bridge the digital-physical divide and nurture societal growth
Human 2.0
Stimulating innovation in Human 2.0 while ensuring risk control and human values protection, paving the way for an ethically-conscious, equitable technological future
Industry 4.0
Balancing amplified efficiency with sustainable practices in Industry 4.0, fostering a responsible Fourth Industrial Revolution centered on economic, environmental, and social sustainability

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