Intersectional Social Identity


“Whereas most existing identity concepts are centralized and individualistic, Intersectional Social Identity (XID) solutions embody human identities’ social and multi-dimensional characteristics. XID makes use of three central primitives:

  1. Each participant has a digital journal listing all their identifying information. (Only that individual has access to the complete set of data in that store.)
  2. For each input X in their digital journal, each participant also stores the set of other participants who also keep copies of X.
  3. Each participant stores a degree of credit. They are willing to offer other participants credit as “social collateral” to credibility their identity statements.”
Motivating the Case for Decentralized Social Identity

E. Glen Weyl, Lucas Geiger, Kaliya Young

Zero knowledge, Cryptographic Protocols, Composition

Intersectional Social Data

Lucas Geier, Kaliya Young, E. Glen Weyl


Verifying Identity as a Social Intersection

Nicole Immorlica, Matthew O. Jackson, E. Glen Weyl

Zero-knowledge Proofs

Who Watches the Watchmen? A Review of Subjective Approaches for Sybil-Resistance in Proof of Personhood Protocols

Divya Siddarth, Sergey Ivliev, Santiago Siri, Paula Berman

decentralized identity, Sybil-protection, crypto-governance

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