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Badges provide a robust mechanism for recognizing knowledge, skills, and competencies in MPM. Digital Badges equips QH stakeholders with world-class technology to seamlessly issue data-rich, shareable and verifiable micro-credentials for WILPs. Digital Badges use integrated CRS to validate PoC records linked to ILAs’ private and public ledgers. Smart Badges, Nano Tags and Beacons can deploy CRS into physical spaces through nudging for MPM rewards. Digital Badges in the MPM bridge the online and offline world with iVRS for tackling ESG issues.

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Next-gen Assessment Mechanism

Proof-of-Competence (PoC)

Once the individual has a certificate proving their skills, they must communicate with various organizations to use digital credentials effectively for work or further learning achievements. MPM’s technology allows sharing skills beyond the traditional CV and linking people with learning and job opportunities through a novel Proof-of-Competence (PoC) mechanism. Our approach to stackable micro-credentials is intended to leverage PoC and represent exit and entry points to maximize learning and career opportunities through high-quality skills-based programs. PoC ensures that people who have gained competencies through impact-oriented actions, public service, or informal education can participate in the labour market and receive credentials for competencies mastered along the journey. Members can use their online portfolio with PoCs to pitch ideas to employers, a current project in competitions, or apply for new funding and better positions. PoCs unique properties are meant to indicate and visualize the value created by stakeholders in the SCF and introduce a new benchmark for success.

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Stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing workplace by accessing fresh, on-demand skilling programs through a robust peer-to-peer marketplace.

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Leverage the integrated Micro-production Model built for the twin digital-green transition. Unleash the next generation of skills and competencies.

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Use instruments built for tackling unemployment, facilitating transitions to jobs and making TVET more responsive and resilient toward labour market risks.

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Seamlessly issue verifiable digital badges; take charge of your professional growth and skills development activities
Leverage tag management system for skills taxonomy and integrate competency frameworks
Use nudge technology with embedded behavioural science for learning and training programs
Visualize and track skills and qualifications with live matrices for the twin digital-green transformation
Integrate CRS into smart badges and supercharge your learning, training, and up-skilling programs
Implement Nudges using small, disposable, wearable BLE tags for safety, security, and workflow optimization
Integrate MPM into physical environments with disposable anchor beacons that communicate with your portals 
Identify patterns, create insights and make predictions across physical space and workplace
Use decentralized identity (DID) to help people, organizations, and things interact securely, in a zero-trust fabric
Enable smart tags in data commons for seamless flows of information between people, private, public and planet
Deploy nodes as a service with simple integration of Web3 solutions and seamless launching of enterprise-grade dApps
Infuse systems intelligence to discover hidden competencies in human actions and organizational life
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