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Micro-credentials certify members’ ongoing achievements in an ever-changing world. MPM allows skills and competencies to be developed in a zero-trust flexible environment for the twin digital-green transition. ILAs enable members to participate in LLL programs and start building pathways toward accomplishing a degree or employment offered by third-party institutions. ILAs use CRS with PoC mechanism allowing members to take part in the MPM through WILPs. Our federated approach to micro-credentials empowers stakeholders to collaborate in strategic areas and co-develop programs with advanced SCF, iVRS, and GRIx. Working with QH stakeholders, we provide LLL streams that accelerate the twin digital-green transition with the macro-typology of higher education.

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Next-gen Assessment Mechanism

Proof-of-Competence (PoC)

Once the individual has a certificate proving their skills, they must communicate with various organizations to use digital credentials effectively for work or further learning achievements. MPM’s technology allows sharing skills beyond the traditional CV and linking people with learning and job opportunities through a novel Proof-of-Competence (PoC) mechanism. Our approach to stackable micro-credentials is intended to leverage PoC and represent exit and entry points to maximize learning and career opportunities through high-quality skills-based programs. PoC ensures that people who have gained competencies through impact-oriented actions, public service, or informal education can participate in the labour market and receive credentials for competencies mastered along the journey. Members can use their online portfolio with PoCs to pitch ideas to employers, a current project in competitions, or apply for new funding and better positions. PoCs unique properties are meant to indicate and visualize the value created by stakeholders in the SCF and introduce a new benchmark for success.

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Stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing workplace by accessing fresh, on-demand skilling programs through a robust peer-to-peer marketplace.

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Leverage the integrated Micro-production Model built for the twin digital-green transition. Unleash the next generation of skills and competencies.

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Use instruments built for tackling unemployment, facilitating transitions to jobs and making TVET more responsive and resilient toward labour market risks.

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Participate in up-skilling and re-skilling activities
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Earn credits for works delivered via MPM
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Showcase achievements with smart badges
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Request assessment for MPM achievements

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Publish courses in a full-featured marketplace
Issue credentials with specific requirements
Award certificates in a zero-trust environment
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Verify credentials from QH stakeholders

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Publish work-integrated learning pathways
find matching job
Use MPM for up-skilling and hiring talents with PoC
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Ranking & taxonomies for twin digital-green transition
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Validate skills with live Competence Score
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CRS enables Proof-of-Work for MPM achievements
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Proof-of-Competence for assessment & recognition
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Proof-of-Impact for open collaboration streams
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Proof-of-Authority for issuers and assessors
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