How does the Global Risk Agency's model function?

The Global Risk Agency, part of The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), operates on an innovative agency model that connects diverse stakeholders in the field of risk management and sustainable innovation. This model is supported by a robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology, allowing the Agency to offer a dynamic, user-friendly, and secure platform to its stakeholders. Key functions of the Agency model include:
  1. Advisory Services: The Agency hosts independent agents offering their expertise and insights on a wide array of risk-related issues. These experts help clients navigate complex risk landscapes and integrate effective risk management strategies into their operations. This encompasses various types of risks, including operational, strategic, cyber, financial, and reputational.
  2. Consultancy Services: Independent agents provide tailored risk management and sustainable innovation solutions to clients. They assist clients in devising and implementing effective strategies, processes, and systems to manage risks and seize opportunities.
  3. Training Services: The Agency offers a range of training programs, workshops, and resources, provided by independent agents. These services help build knowledge and skills in risk management and sustainable innovation, fostering resilience and driving sustainable development.
The Agency encourages collaboration among five “helices” – academia, industry, government, civil society, and the environment – as per the Quintuple Helix Model. This fosters a holistic, inclusive, and sustainable approach to managing risks and driving innovation. Furthermore, the Global Risk Agency upholds stringent standards of regulatory compliance, good governance, transparency, accountability, and respect for human rights, integrating these principles into its policies and practices. This commitment to compliance forms a core part of the Agency’s reputation and success.
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