What are the key resources and partnerships for the Global Risk Agency?

The Global Risk Agency, an integral part of The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), relies on a diverse set of key resources and partnerships to deliver its services effectively. Key Resources:
  1. Independent Risk and Innovation Experts: The independent agents who partner with the Agency form a critical resource. Their extensive expertise in risk management, compliance, sustainability, and innovation fuels the Agency’s advisory, consultancy, and training services.
  2. GCRI’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Technology: The PaaS technology offered by GCRI is another vital resource, providing the Agency with a robust platform for facilitating its services, collaborations, and networking.
  3. Client and Service Provider Portfolio: The diverse array of clients and service providers that the Agency serves is a significant resource, providing various perspectives and opportunities for risk management and sustainable innovation.
  4. Expert Knowledge Base: The Agency’s comprehensive knowledge base on risk mitigation, compliance, sustainability, and innovation forms an essential resource for offering informed advisory and consultancy services.
Key Partnerships:
  1. Collaboration with GCRI: The Agency’s relationship with GCRI is a central partnership, enabling access to the platform, network, and other resources of GCRI.
  2. Partnership with Service and Solution Providers: Partnerships with third-party service and solution providers extend the Agency’s capability to deliver comprehensive risk management and innovative solutions to its clients.
  3. Client Relationships: The relationships the Agency maintains with its diverse clientele are key partnerships, enabling the Agency to understand and address the unique risk and innovation needs of various sectors.
  4. Stakeholder Engagement: The Agency’s partnerships within the Quintuple Helix framework, involving academia, industry, government, civil society, and the environment, provide broader perspectives and foster holistic solutions to risk management and sustainable innovation.
Through these resources and partnerships, the Global Risk Agency offers a comprehensive, innovative, and tailored approach to risk management and sustainability.
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