What types of advisory services does the Global Risk Agency offer?

The Global Risk Agency, part of The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), offers a wide array of advisory services designed to help organizations effectively navigate their risk landscape and leverage opportunities for innovation. Here are the key types of advisory services provided:
  1. Risk Management Advisory: These services include providing expert insights and recommendations on managing and mitigating various types of risks including operational, strategic, cyber, financial, and reputational risks. Agents work with organizations to identify, assess, and prioritize risks, and then to develop strategies to manage them effectively.
  2. ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Risk Advisory: In today’s increasingly sustainable and socially aware business climate, the Agency provides advisory services focused on ESG risks. Agents guide organizations on how to identify, assess, manage and report on ESG risks, helping them to not only comply with regulations but also to drive their sustainable business objectives.
  3. Technological Disruption Advisory: Given the rapid pace of technological advancement, organizations need to stay ahead of the curve to survive and thrive. Agents provide advisory services on navigating technological disruption, including understanding emerging technologies, managing digital transformation, and innovating in response to tech-driven changes.
  4. Geopolitical and Public Health Risk Advisory: In an interconnected world, geopolitical shifts and public health crises can have significant impacts on businesses and organizations. The Agency offers advisory services to help organizations understand and manage these risks, helping them prepare for and respond effectively to such situations.
  5. Agency Model for Risk Mitigation: The agency model is a unique offering that focuses on the principal-agent problem and how to manage risks arising from it. This service addresses issues such as moral hazard and adverse selection, aiming to align incentives, design effective contracts, and enforce fiduciary duties.
  6. Systems Innovation Advisory: Recognizing that innovation is key to managing risks and achieving sustainability, the Agency also offers advisory services focused on systems innovation. These services help organizations understand and implement innovation strategies at a system level, considering all aspects of their operating environment.
These diverse advisory services provided by the Global Risk Agency allow organizations across various industries to effectively manage risks and foster innovation, contributing to their long-term sustainability and success.
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