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Distributed Digital Public Goods Framework (DDPGF)

Last modified: September 4, 2023
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Distributed Digital Public Goods Framework (DDPGF) is an innovative approach aimed at accelerating the development, deployment, and scalability of digital public goods. This framework envisions to fill a critical gap in the ecosystem of open-source initiatives by ensuring that digital resources are not only publicly accessible but also adhere to high standards of utility, sustainability, and inclusiveness. Given the multifaceted nature of challenges surrounding digital public goods, DDPGF leverages the Community-Oriented Participatory Research for Inclusive Sustainability (COPRIS) model for a more robust, equitable, and sustainable impact.

What is D?

The DDPGF provides a structural underpinning for the identification, development, and implementation of digital solutions that serve the public interest. In essence, DDPGF serves as a roadmap that organizations and communities can follow to create di