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What is Quadratic Voting (QV)?

December 2, 2020 141
Quadratic Voting (QV) is a new way of allowing people to express their preferences. Unlike traditional voting systems, where voters simply vote yes/no or at best rank their choices, QV lets people speak louder on the issues most important to them and agree to compromise elsewhere. This improves info...

Quadratic Funding and Quadratic Voting

December 2, 2020 56
An Experimental Approach We must note that it is not enough to install top-down a new set of rules over a group of people. Rather, there must be an emergent culture and social context that works around these new rules. QV and QF may seem complicated and fancy, but we hope participants will find that...

What is Quadratic Funding (QF)?

December 2, 2020 94
Definition Quadratic Funding (QF) is a precise formula for allocating a central matching fund optimally and democratically.  Matching funds are widely used by communities to make better decisions about how to collectively fund their common resources, which are often called public goods. Traditional...

Tokenized Rewards

May 9, 2021 10
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