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Educational Credential Assessments (ECAs)
Student Co-op and Networking
Student Exchange and Settlement Support
Education Funding and Sponsorship
Micro-credentialing Platforms
Education Institutions
Education Organizations
Education Firms
Education Experts
Education Agencies
Workplace Safety and Standards
Talent Cloud and Resume Builder
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Employment Protection and Job Security
Up-skilling For Digital-Green Transition
Employment Organizations
Employment Firms
Employment Agencies
Employment Experts
Social Development
Career Development
Settlement Assistance
Learning Skills
Learning Language
Immigration Organizations
Immigration Firms
Immigration Agencies
Hackathon Registry
Information Technology
Human Resources
Immigration Experts
Accounting Services
Financial Services
Legal Services
Training Services
Consultancy Services
Advisory Services
Hazardous Waste
Systems Innovation
Indigenous Knowledge
Risk Management
Reverse Mentorship
Sustainable Development
Open Collaboration
Social Enterprise
Citizen Science
Thought Leaders
Use Cases
Peer-to-Peer Learning
Civic Learning
Hybrid Learning
Alternative Learning
Academic Learning
Industry Learning
Open Learning
Social Learning
Virtual Reality (VR)
Web 3.0
Internet of Things (IoT)
Artificial Intelligence
Systems Innovation
Indigenous Knowledge
Risk Management
Reverse Mentorship
Sustainable Development
Open Collaboration
Social Enterprise
Citizen Science
GovTech Hackathons
ClimateTech Hackathons
GreenTech Hackathons
HealthTech Hackathons
RegTech Hackathons
InsurTech Hackathons
DeepTech Hackathons
FinTech Hackathons
Public Systems Risks
Public Space Risks
Public Goods Risks
Public Access Risks
Public Safety Risks
Public Service Risks
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Takeover
Hazardous Waste
Climate Events
Impact Events
Global Pandemics
Nuclear Events
Disinformation Risks
Ecocide Risks
Human Rights Risks
Discrimination Risks
Greenwashing Risks
Corruption Risks
Workforce Risks
Health Risks
Compliance Risks
Automation Risks
Privacy Risks
Security Risks
Foreign Policy Risks
Sovereign Debt Risks
Sanctions Risks
Regulations Risks
Trades Risks
Instability Risks
Social Health Risks
Personal Health Risks
Mental Health Risk
Physical Health Risks
Chemical Health Risk
Biological Health Risk
Climate Change
Work Environment
Land Use Patterns
Model Risk
Operational Risk
Liquidity Risk
Investment Risk
Market Risk
Credit Risk
The UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
Further Developing Measurements Of Progress
Enhancing the Availability Of Reliable Data
Encouraging Effective Partnerships
Enhance The Global Partnership For Sustainable Development
Respecting National Leadership To Implement Policies For SDGs
Enhancing Policy Coherence For Sustainable Development
Enhancing Global Macroeconomic Stability
Removing Trade Barriers For Least Developed Countries
Increasing The Exports Of Developing Countries
Promoting A Universal Trading System Under The WTO
Enhancing SDGs Capacity In Developing Countries
Strengthening The Science, Technology And Innovation Capacity For Least Developed Countries
Promoting Sustainable Technologies To Developing Countries
Knowledge Sharing And Cooperation For Access To Science, Technology And Innovation
Investing In Least Developed Countries
Assisting Developing Countries In Attaining Debt Sustainability
Mobilizing Financial Resources For Developing Countries
Implement All Development Assistance Commitments
Mobilizing Resources To Improve Domestic Revenue Collection
Developing A Global Youth Employment Strategy
Increasing Aid For Trade Support
Universal Access To Banking, Insurance And Financial Services
Promoting Beneficial And Sustainable Tourism
Protecting Labour Rights And Promote Safe Working Environments
Ending Modern Slavery, Trafficking And Child Labour
Promoting Youth Employment, Education And Training
Full Employment And Decent Work With Equal Pay
Improving Resource Efficiency In Consumption And Production
Promoting Policies To Support Job Creation And Growing Enterprises
Diversifying, Innovating And Upgrading For Economic Productivity
Sustainable Economic Growth
Supporting Local Engagement In Water And Sanitation Management
Expanding Water And Sanitation Support To Developing Countries
Protecting And Restoring Water-related Ecosystems
Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management
Increasing Water-use Efficiency And Ensuring Freshwater Supplies
Improving Water Quality, Wastewater Treatment And Safe Reuse
Ending Open Defecation And Providing Access To Sanitation And Hygiene
Safe And Affordable Drinking Water
Removing Market Distortions That Encourage Wasteful Consumption
Developing And Implementing Tools To Monitor Sustainable Tourism
Scientific And Technological Capacity For Sustainable Consumption And Production
Promoting Universal Understanding Of Sustainable Lifestyles
Promoting Sustainable Public Procurement Practices
Encouraging Companies To Adopt Sustainable Practices And Sustainability Reporting
Substantially Reducing Waste Generation
Responsible Management Of Chemicals And Waste
Reducing Global Per Capita Food Waste
Sustainable Management And Use Of Natural Resources
Implementing The 10-year Sustainable Consumption And Production Framework
Creating Pro-poor And Gender-sensitive Policy Frameworks
Mobilizing Resources To Implement Policies To End Poverty
Building Resilience To Environmental, Economic And Social Disasters
Equal Rights To Ownership, Basic Services, Technology And Economic Resources
Implementing Social Protection Systems
Reducing Poverty By At Least 50%
Eradicating Extreme Poverty
Implementing And Enforcing International Sea Law
Supporting Small Scale Fishers
Increasing Scientific Knowledge, Research And Technology For Ocean Health
Increasing The Economic Benefits From the Sustainable Use Of Marine Resources
Ending Subsidies Contributing To Overfishing
Conserving Coastal And Marine Areas
Sustainable Fishing
Reducing Ocean Acidification
Protecting And Restoring Ecosystems
Reducing Marine Pollution
Combatting Global Poaching And Trafficking
Financing And Incentivizing Sustainable Forest Management
Increasing Financial Resources To Conserve And Sustainably Use Ecosystem And Biodiversity
Integrating Ecosystem And Biodiversity In Governmental Planning
Preventing Invasive Alien Species On Land And In Water Ecosystems
Eliminating Poaching And Trafficking Of Protected Species
Promoting Access To Genetic Resources And Fair Sharing Of The Benefits
Protecting Biodiversity And Natural Habitats
Ensuring Conservation Of Mountain Ecosystems
Ending Desertification And Restore Degraded Land
Ending Deforestation And Restoring Degraded Forests
Conserving And Restoring Terrestrial And Freshwater Ecosystems
Promoting And Enforcing Non-discriminatory Laws And Policies
Strengthening National Institutions To Prevent Violence And Combat Terrorism And Crime
Ensuring Public Access To Information And Protect Fundamental Freedoms
Providing Universal Legal Identity
Strengthening The Participation In Global Governance
Ensuring Responsive, Inclusive And Representative Decision-making
Developing Effective, Accountable And Transparent Institutions
Substantially Reducing Corruption And Bribery
Combatting Organized Crime And Illicit Financial And Arms Flows
Promoting The Rule Of Law And Ensure Equal Access To Justice
Protecting Children From Abuse, Exploitation, Trafficking And Violence
Reducing Violence Everywhere
Reducing Transaction Costs For Migrant Remittances
Encouraging Development Assistance And Investment in the least Developed Countries
Special And Differential Treatment For Developing Countries
Responsible And Well-managed Migration Policies
Enhancing Representation For Developing Countries In Financial Institutions
Improving Regulation Of Global Financial Markets And Institutions
Adopting Fiscal And Social Policies That Promote Equality
Ensuring Equal Opportunities And End Discrimination
Promoting Universal Social, Economic And Political Inclusion
Reducing Income Inequalities
Universal Access To Information And Communications Technology
Supporting Domestic Technology Development And Industrial Diversification
Facilitating Sustainable Infrastructure Development For Developing Countries
Enhancing Research And Upgrading Industrial Technologies
Upgrading All Industries And Infrastructures For Sustainability
Increasing Access To Financial Services And Markets
Promoting Inclusive And Sustainable Industrialization
Developing Sustainable, Resilient And Inclusive Infrastructures
Ensuring Stable Food Commodity Markets And Timely Access To Information
Preventing Agricultural Trade Restrictions, Market Distortions And Export Subsidies
Investing In Rural Infrastructure, Agricultural Research, Technology And Gene Banks
Maintaining The Genetic Diversity In Food Production
Sustainable Food Production And Resilient Agricultural Practices
Doubling The Productivity And Incomes Of Small-scale Food Producers
Ending All Forms Of Malnutrition
Universal Access To Safe And Nutritious Food
Improving Early Warning Systems For Global Health Risks
Increasing Health Financing And Support Health Workforce In Developing Countries
Supporting Research, Development And Universal Access To Affordable Vaccines And Medicines
Implementing The WHO Framework Convention On Tobacco Control
Reducing Illnesses And Death From Hazardous Chemicals And Pollution
Achieving Universal Health Coverage
Universal Access To Sexual And Reproductive Care, Family Planning And Education
Reducing Road Injuries And Deaths
Preventing And Treating Substance Abuse
Reducing Mortality From Non-communicable Diseases And Promote Mental Health
Fighting Communicable Diseases
Ending All Preventable Deaths Under 5 Years Of Age
Reducing Maternal Mortality
Adopting And Strengthening Policies And Enforceable Legislation For Gender Equality
Promoting Empowerment Of Women Through Technology
Equal Rights To Economic Resources, Property Ownership And Financial Services
Universal Access To Reproductive Health And Rights
Ensuring Full Participation In Leadership And Decision-making
Valuing Unpaid Care And Promote Shared Domestic Responsibilities
Eliminate Forced Marriages And Genital Mutilation
Ending All Violence Against And Exploitation Of Women And Girls
Ending Discrimination Against Women And Girls
Universal Access To Modern Energy
Increasing Global Percentage Of Renewable Energy
Doubling The Improvement In Energy Efficiency
Promoting Access To Research, Technology And Investments In Clean Energy
Expanding And Upgrading Energy Services For Developing Countries
Increasing The Supply Of Qualified Teachers In Developing Countries
Expanding Higher Education Scholarships For Developing Countries
Building And Upgrading Inclusive And Safe Schools
Education For Sustainable Development And Global Citizenship
Universal Literacy And Numeracy
Eliminate All Discrimination In Education
Increasing The Number Of People With Relevant Skills For Financial Success
Equal Access To Affordable Technical, Vocational And Higher Education
Equal Access To Quality Pre-primary Education
Free Primary And Secondary Education
Promoting Mechanisms To Raise Capacity For Planning And Management
Implementing The Un Framework Convention On Climate Change
Building Knowledge And Capacity To Meet Climate Change
Integrating Climate Change Measures Into Policies And Planning
Strengthening Resilience And Adaptive Capacity To Climate-Related Disasters
Supporting Least Developed Countries In Sustainable And Resilient Building
Implementing Policies For Inclusion, Resource Efficiency And Disaster Risk Reduction
Strong National And Regional Development Planning
Providing Access To Safe And Inclusive Green And Public Spaces
Reducing The Environmental Impact Of Cities
Reducing The Adverse Effects Of Natural Disasters
Protecting Cultural And Natural Heritage
Inclusive And Sustainable Urbanization
Affordable And Sustainable Transport Systems
Safe And Affordable Housing
Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
The International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)
The Global Reporting Initiative(GRI)
The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG)


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