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Quadruple Helix Innovation.

The Quadruple Innovation Helix concept is the synthesis of top-down policies and practices from Government, University and Industry balanced and shaped by bottom-up initiatives and actions by Civil Society.

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Quadruple Helix
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Innovation for Regenerative Future

Through a multilateral approach that includes not only the public, private and research actors, but above all the perspective of Generation Z consumers, we aim to develop innovative products and services orientated to the new trends in the market demand by taking into account the opportunities arising from the digital technology and economy


Towards Open Science & Innovation Systems

GCRI enables building and institutionalizing a network of relationships among diverse actors and nurturing their commitment for systemic research of the complex and interconnected global and local challenges. We aim at increasing economic prosperity and social justice through open collaboration within planetary boundaries

Quadruple Helix
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Quadruple Helix

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The Quadruple Helix Model of innovation recognizes four major actors in the innovation system: science, policy, industry, and society. In keeping with this model, more and more governments are prioritizing greater public involvement in innovation processes.

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Quadruple Helix
Quadruple Helix
Quadruple Helix
Quadruple Helix
Quadruple Helix
Quadruple Helix
Quadruple Helix

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The challenges we are facing globally are complex and call for a reconfiguration of constellations across sectors in finding solutions. Traditionally the innovation process has been dominated by the industry, the public sector and research. However, the civil society possesses great creative competences too and we need to include these undervalued actors in order to let innovative solutions flourish. By bringing different voices together in new types of collaborations we avoid overlooking blind spots because every actor has specific competences and focus points

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How to leverage new forms of cooperation to solve societal problems?
As civil society creates the society, it is essential to involve this group. Therefore, the former innovation triangle, triple helix, has been given an extra leg and has become a quadruple helix. The DNA of the innovation process should thus consist of four groups: the public sector, industry, research and civil society. However, such collaborations can lead to different collaboration problems due to different interests, and therefore our project acts as a form of exchange of ideas and advice on various methodological and political measures to make the interaction work and make the good solutions come true.
What is Quadruple Helix innovation?
Quadruple helix collaborations create innovation through interactive processes in which different groups of actors contribute with their knowledge due to their function in society. Such collaborations formalize the role of civil society and this creates a more transparent innovation process based on the principles of responsible research and innovation. In addition they could be more adapted to the needs of the twenty-first century, as knowledge is increasingly created in cross-sectoral collaborations and is not limited to one field of knowledge. More perspectives are therefore needed to understand the present unfolding innovation process through a different lens. Innovation processes thereby become more open through the belief that different stakeholders in society jointly and actively are part of creating new ways of innovating.
What is Quintuple Helix innovation?
The Quintuple Helix extends the Quadruple Helix by aspects of "natural environments of society and economy", "social ecology" and the "socio-ecological transition". The Quintuple Helix re-defines the ecology to a frontier for knowledge production and innovation. The proposition to-be-tested is that this environmental context of society can also be better addressed in a democracy than in non-democracies. If this is the case, then democracy and ecological progress are tied to each other, laying the groundwork for an approach to innovations systems that can increase resilience and enhance the potential for adaptation to environmental change.

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