Quadruple Helix

The Quadruple Helix is an innovation and collaboration model with a citizen/end-user perspective. The model is useful in innovation processes where the citizens needs are central, as for example in health care and public e-services. Innovative processes often lack involvement of citizens and end-users. These process sometimes adopt a Triple Helix model, which is an innovation and collaboration model that describes the interaction between public sector, academia and industry. In the Triple Helix model, citizens/end-users are viewed as passive recipients, consumers or end- users who assimilate the products and services developed. Using the Quadruple Helix for end-users participation in the development of an innovation can lead to more successful, user-oriented, and human-centered innovations. The end-users will be more likely to accept and adopt the innovation. It will also have a greater social benefit at lower costs and improve empowerment of the citizens, who will increasingly experience trust towards the innovators and become an active part of the innovation system.

A quadruple helix model of entrepreneurship, innovation and stages of economic development

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Innovation, Entrepreneurship

A growth model for the quadruple helix

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economic growth, quadruple helix, innovation systems, government expenditure

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R&D teams, Global innovation hubs, Agglomeration, Quadruple helix, Communities of practice

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Quadruple helix model, Systems theory, technology transfer, creative industries

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mode 3 innovation ecosystem, quadruple helix, innovation networks, knowledge clusters, knowledge fractals, glocal, academic firms, knowledge swings, conceptual branding, knowledge weavers, knowledge economy, knowledge society


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