Commerce Management

The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI)


Commerces are loyalty programs based on integrated CRS in program streams. Leveraging MPM’s zero-trust environment, QH stakeholders can offer pCredits for participation, eCredits for engagement, and vCredits for validation activities. Commerce cards let members stack MPM rewards and choose how and to what extent to redeem them. Using iVRS, GRIx and MPM, QH stakeholders can build and integrate Commerces for tackling ESG issues. They can improve the security of reward programs with CRS encryption, and immutable records of PoC linked to PoW, PoI, and PoA.

Members can apply to become commerces and launch campaigns. Campaigns create commons pools and allocate credits to quests, bounties or builds related to specific issues. As a result, commerces can accept CoI from the community and submit PoI through iVRS for improving ESG, SDGs, and CSR portfolios. Commerces ultimately bridge the digital and physical divide and help resilience building with a multi-pronged, symbiotic, and community-driven path toward the digital-green transition.

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Launch your projects to trusted participants in minutes and power up your pipelines with the most potent and flexible participatory mechanism built for the twin digital-green transition





Create comprehensive engagement pipelines that are vital to the success of your project. Understand and respond to the risks and opportunities with continuous learning modules





Infuse pipelines to validate research, results, and reports. Establish dynamic methods capable of evaluating and increasing possibilities within research and development communities

stack of money
Visit the commerce area and subscribe to vendors of your interest for live updates
barcode scanner
Generate commerce cards and receive a code that confirms generated cards
multiple devices
Exchange, redeem or gift your cards before the expiration date: valid for seven days
Go to associated commerces online or in-store to redeem generated cards 🤩
laptop analytic
Apply to join commerces with simple application and leverage CRS for impact
grand master key
Receive a commerce key that enables your vendor to run CRS globally and exclusively
cloud bar chart
Accept or reject cards online or in-store using QR codes and gateways
barcode scanner 2
Get notified instantly on your commerce cards status: valid, redeemed, expired 
data matrix code
Integrate commerces into smart badges and supercharge your programs anywhere
Implement commerces in physical places using small, disposable, wearable BLE tags
cellular network
Integrate CRS into all environments with disposable anchor beacons
Identify patterns, create insights and make predictions across physical space
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