Participation Rewards


Launch your projects to trusted participants in minutes across 100+ countries. Recruit niche and power up your pipelines with the most potent and flexible participatory mechanism built for the twin digital-green transformation

Credit Rewards Systems (CRS)

Platform members and communities earn credits by completing steps in project pathways, which can be redeemed for payouts. Members unlock credits by participating in multiple activities and interactions and delivering works listed in each project plan. They can use earned credits to purchase products on the platform, fund activities, build solutions, learn new skills or launch campaigns. Upgrading to Premium Plus membership allows funders to receive monthly credits with discounts to supercharge their ongoing projects. Using GCRI platforms, members can create individual accounts to earn stackable micro-credentials for delivering micro-tasks in a zero-trust environment. A Credit Rewards System incentivizes members' participation with utility value across the network to increase interoperability and career mobility. Together, these properties provide a Credit Rewards System (CRS) to fund projects and allocate resources effectively and optimally


Peer Production
Programmable Logic
Gamified Experience
Personalized Journey
Automatic Awards & Deductions
Advanced Public & Private Ledger
Templates & Preset Library
Time Limit Requirements
Conditional Requirements
Payout Management
Partial Payment Gateway
Live Reports & Analytics
Open Badge Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is a Digital Wallet?

    A Digital Wallet is an electronic mechanism that enables CRS for MPM on the GCRI network platforms. It allows users to make purchases and services transactions using their network credits: pCredits, eCredits, and vCredits. Digital Wallets can be used to pay for goods and services by either entering a code on associate store gateways or scanning a QR code while making purchases at a store and online.

    In addition to being able to make purchases, Digital Wallets can also be used to deposit money into one’s personal and business finance account. It can also be used to validate the identity of various credentials such as PoC, Pow, PoI, and PoA. These documents can then be transferred to a third-party terminal through near-field communication (NFC) technology.

  • What is an Impact Certificate?

    Impact Certificate or Certificate of Impact (CoI) is a deceleration of impact issued to members who contributed to the public good through MPM. It is designed to empower open collaboration by funding responsible research and sustainable innovation. A central matching pool uses the QF mechanism with PoC properties: PoW, PoI, and PoA to enable an end-to-end grant-making process.

    Members interested in buying CoI can post proposals to showcase available support for high-impact projects focusing on public goods, stewardship and philanthropy. Members who deliver results via Bounties, Quests, and Builds can stack their results and issue CoIs. Companies and large organizations can accept CoIs partially or fully in the Commerce Area.

    The willingness to pay for CoI is subjective and consensus-based on PoC, depending on the values and views of funders and builders. Members can maximize the value of CoI by acquiring others’ certificates or stacking credits in matching pools for risk management and innovation portfolios.
    Impact Certificates issued on the GCRI platforms can be transferred without double-spending and bookkeeping issues using public-private ledger capabilities integrated into CRS for cloud and blockchain-based environments.

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Micro-production Model

Knowledge, skills, and attitudes are becoming more prevalent in different career paths. The GCRI Micro-production Model harnesses public-private partnership in a multi-platform environment to support a robust recovery and kickstart the economy through skills development and competence building. It is designed to enable sustainable financing for the next generation of work and Lifelong Learning for all. To succeed, Work-integrated Learning Pathways must become a reality. All citizens should have easy access to interactive, innovative, and inclusive learning programs


Bounties are working pathways with pCredits offered to an array of participants for participation activities associated with projects


Quests are learning pathways with pCredits offered to an array of participants for participation activities associated with projects


Builds are hacking pathways with both learning and working components. pCredits offered for participation activities associated with projects
Multi-platform Network

Embrace the Future of Work

GCRI platforms consist of credit pools built for the skills development and competencies required for the twin digital-green transition. Achievements on the GCRI platforms are being vetted and approved through peer review and a novel Proof-of-Competence (PoC) mechanism. Using GCRI's multi-platform network, large organizations can build a matrix oc Competence Cells (CCells) in digital twins and run a powerful engine for micro-production (MPM) in zero-trust mode. Empowered by integrated CRS, digital twins perform in high-risk and fast-failing environments to tackle complex Environmental, Social, and Governance issues

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