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The ‘de-CODING RISK, re-BUILDING TRUST’ theme is an invitation to explore, discuss and imagine how decentralized technologies and participatory mechanisms can be used to accelerate innovation and reduce catastrophic risks to human civilization.

The climate crisis, rising inequality, and emerging technological risks have fueled social discontent and declining trust in traditional institutions. However, trust between institutions and individuals is crucial to coordinate societal action against these global challenges. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need to rapidly scale long-term investment into building resilient communities to mitigate future catastrophic risks. There is an urgent need to rebuild trust within and between communities and institutions, but no clear path forward yet. However, decentralized technologies, such as the blockchain, and new participatory mechanisms have opened the possibility of a new kind of infrastructure for participation and co-creation in the ESG space. This theme expands on the ideas we explore in our white paper on “DICE Protocol”, a proposal for designing tools and systems that support a decentralized global innovation commons. We welcome diverse stakeholders, from the established to the non-traditional and upstart, to join us in exploring how to de-CODE RISK and re-BUILD TRUST.




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We excel in co-creating and delivering optimal solutions.

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The Global Risk Forum will use the hackathon and conference format as a medium to cultivate an ecosystem of people, partnerships, and organizations to rethink, redesign, and respond to emerging global catastrophic risks. This event will be community-driven and pluralistic. Community-driven, meaning that many of the sessions and focuses of the GRF will be put forward by participants in the lead-up to the conference and there will be space for impromptu sessions to emerge based on how the GRF unfolds.
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The Global Risk Hackathon (GRH) will be pluralistic in two senses. First, the event will bring together different types of people who often do not get a chance to interact and work with each other: researchers, activists, public-sector employees, investors, technologists, artists, and so on. Second, there will be a variety of sessions, projects, and ways of engaging and interacting with one another—both real-time and asynchronously.

The event will have presentations from speakers, panel discussion, interactive workshops exploring practical tools, creative exhibitions, and also free flowing, open discussions on our online platforms.

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World’s #1

Global Risk Hackathon

This event will bring together a wide range of stakeholders including the investment community, academics, technologists, artists, local and national governments, intergovernmental organisations, NGOs, community groups, youth groups and interested individuals.

July 18-22, 2022