Ecopreneurships are streamlined entrepreneurial activities based on sustainability principles for tackling environmental, social, and governance issues. Ecopreneurship pathways serve as a launch pad to leverage the collective intelligence of the GCRI network and co-develop technology and policy solutions that can substantially and measurably improve the quality of human life and our planet. They combine a comprehensive suite of professional tools developed for individuals, teams, and SMEs to enable an end-to-end journey from concepts to design, development, scale and financing stages. Ecopreneurship paths leverage the MPM in zero-trust environments to fast-track real-world solutions with advanced CRS infusion for climate financing. The modular design and interoperability of nodes provide maximum flexibility to build local streams and empower participation, engagement, and validation in every step of the journey. Built on the GCRI’s multi-platform network architecture, ecopreneurship paths can support massively scalable projects, from initial awareness-raising to training, design, development, integration and interoperation.

Web3 Ecoproneurship





Launch your projects to trusted participants in minutes and power up your pipelines with the most potent and flexible participatory mechanism built for the twin digital-green transition




Create comprehensive engagement pipelines that are vital to the success of your project. Understand and respond to the risks and opportunities with continuous learning modules




Infuse pipelines to validate research, results, and reports. Establish dynamic methods capable of evaluating and increasing possibilities within research and development communities


Access your instructor dashboard for updates

Create your workshops using drag and drop builder

Launch your paid workshops and generate income

Track and measure your portfolio performance

Add co-instructors and guest lecturers

Seamlessly integrate your seminars across platforms


Access your student dashboard for updates

Learn latest industry trend with curated topics

Take lessons and get support from the community

Submit multimedia assignments securely 

Complete quizzes and submit results for grading

Attend seminars and thought leader sessions


Collective decision-making with quadratic voting


Quadratic funding for education as public goods 


Certificate of achievement for learning outcomes


Proof-of-Competence for assessment and recognition


Proof-of-Impact for open collaboration streams


Proof-of-Authority for issuers and assessors

Earn platform credits for successful project delivery
Stack badges and showcase your competence anywhere
Learn step-by-step toward certification programs
Earn micro-credentials for skills and competencies

Get your commerce cards and match with vendors

Get nominated for excellence awards

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