Earth Cooperation Treaty

International Treaty proposal on legal models in intellectual property rights that can support open collaboration for global risk mitigation and resilience building

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It’s an international Treaty proposal to support Legal Innovation in IP Rights and accelerate Open Collaboration streams for Global Risks mitigation

Risk Alliance
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Leveraging WILPs for Twin Digital-Green Transition
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Integration Process Pathways for Tackling ESG Issues
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Crowdsourcing CCells for Integrated Research & Innovation

Building Tribes for Impact

Members can join working groups on the network platforms to operate as transition arenas, taking on specific challenges related to ESG issues. Each group works at national, regional, or local levels in a semi-autonomous mode with its own rules, logic, incentives, and assessment mechanisms. Working Groups leverage the full potential of the GCRI's multi-platform network to engage QH stakeholders, generate consensus, assemble CCells, create credit pools and manage teams across different disciplines. A competence cell is conceived as a small production unit which functions as a Digital Twin to simulate risks and innovation in large-scale projects. Competence Cells encourage various actors from QH to sponsor LLL programs and support micro-credentials through WILPs for upskilling, risk mitigation, and resilience building.

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