Bounty is a crowdsourcing initiative that rewards individuals for works delivered via MPM. Bounties enable stakeholders to seamlessly create issue-based workstations in a zero-trust environment, collaborating with world-class experts to provide effective and optimal results just-in-time

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Skills Acquisition

Stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing workplace by accessing fresh, on-demand skilling programs through a powerful peer-to-peer marketplace.

Skills Activation

Leverage the integrated Micro-production Model built for the twin digital-green transformation. Unleash the next generation of skills and competencies.

Skills Matching

Use instruments built for tackling unemployment, facilitating transitions to jobs and making TVET more responsive and resilient toward labour market risks.

Stackable Micro-credentials

How does it work?

Commerces empower companies to boost customer participation and engagement by conducting contests, hackathons and other programs using CRS. Any business on the GCRI platforms can apply to become a commerces and launch campaigns by offering special perks and bonuses to Credits holders. Credits can be allocated to specific quests, bounties or builds related to the commerce. Commerces have the option to accept local and universal CoI generated by members to improve their ESG, SDGs, and CSR portfolio. Commerces ultimately bridge the digital and physical divide with incentives designed and allocated to company-specific achievements such as CoA, CoQ, and CoE
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Publish bounties for institutional issues
Publish bounties for sector-based industry issues
Publish bounties for social and community issues
Publish bounties for the city and regional issues
Publish bounties for consortium issues
Publish bounties for government issues
Boost scientific investigations with research bounties
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Design new apps and dApps with design bounties
Launch DevOps projects with development bounties
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Create and maintain policy bounties for optimal results
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Integrate new solutions with integration bounties
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Make systems work together with interoperation bounties
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Launch project paths for real-time production
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Design and deploy programs with active delivery channels
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Launch product development with dedicated DevOps tools
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Run process design and optimization with digital twins
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Create work station for platform development
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Run competence cells for system innovation
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Earn platform credits for successful project delivery
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Stack badges and showcase your competence anywhere
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Learn step-by-step toward certification programs
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Earn micro-credentials for skills and competencies
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Get your ranking and work toward higher positions
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Stack, visualize and share your competence scores

Frequently Asked Questions

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Twin Transformation
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Turning Agency Into Value

Micro-production Model

The Micro-production Model- MPM is focused on building value-based, impact-driven and simplified WILP for the twin digital-green transformation. MPM’s learning pathways integrate research and development modules using micro-services and micro-tasks to validate skills gained through inLabs’ programs. MPM’s multi-platform network acts as a utility infrastructure with end-to-end participatory mechanisms to help stakeholders engage and empower talents, immigrants, newcomers and citizens through up-skilling and re-skilling programs. It facilitates re-entry to the labour market while earning micro-credentials contributing to the best of their abilities during each stage of career development. Learn more


Embrace the Future of Work

The sustainability of society depends on its capacity to upscale resilient initiatives. We aim to be a catalyst of change, allowing the global society to find systemic solutions to complex issues. Our goals can only be met if we work together. International investments and support are needed to ensure innovative technological development, fair trade and market access, especially for developing countries. To build a better world, we need to be supportive, empathetic, inventive, passionate, and above all, cooperative

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