Nexus Governance

Bioregional Assemblies

Bioregional Assemblies in GCRI are pivotal at the grassroots level, focusing on community engagement and representation. Bioregional Assemblies are instrumental in ensuring that GCRI’s operations are not only globally and regionally aligned but also locally relevant and effective. They foster a bottom-up approach in the governance structure, allowing for a comprehensive and inclusive representation of diverse community perspectives in GCRI’s overall strategy

Location Based
Adaptive Schedule, Meets Regularly
Community Audit
Oversees community-oriented Initiatives
Pluralistic Composition
Civil Society, Communities, Civick Hackers
Dynamic Tenure
Dynamically meets bioregional needs


  1. Constituted of members from bioregional communities, encompassing a diverse range of local stakeholders.
  2. Includes representatives from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating within the bioregion.
  3. Designed to reflect the demographic and cultural diversity of the local communities they represent.


  1. Grassroots Engagement: Actively engages with local communities, ensuring that GCRI’s initiatives are grounded in local realities and needs. This involves organizing community meetings, discussions, and participatory events.
  2. Local Community Representation: Serves as a voice for local communities within GCRI’s governance structure, ensuring that their perspectives, needs, and concerns are represented and considered in decision-making processes.
  3. Feedback to Higher Governance Levels: Provides regular feedback to higher governance levels, including the Management and Regional Stewardship Boards. This ensures that local insights contribute to the shaping of strategies and policies at regional and global levels.
  4. Facilitation of Local Initiatives: Facilitates the implementation of GCRI’s initiatives at the local level, adapting them to fit the specific context and needs of the bioregion.

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