Nexus Governance

Working Groups

GCRI’s Working Groups operate at the national level, focusing on the implementation of specific initiatives and partnerships. These Working Groups play a critical role in translating GCRI’s strategies into actionable programs and projects at the national level, ensuring that the organization’s objectives are effectively met through localized approaches and stakeholder collaboration

Remote National
Adaptive Schedule, Meets Regularly
Local Audit
Oversees local activities and implementations
Mixed Model Representation
Leaders from Quintuple Helix
Dynamic Tenure
Adaptive Collaboration by Management Board


  1. Composed of national-level committees.
  2. Each group is led by a Chair who coordinates the group's activities and direction.
  3. Members typically include experts and representatives from relevant sectors, reflecting the quintuple helix model – government, academia, industry, civil society, and media.


  1. Implementation of Quintuple Helix Partnerships: Actively works to implement partnerships that encompass the quintuple helix framework, ensuring a multi-stakeholder approach in addressing national challenges related to GCRI’s mission.
  2. Project Execution and Coordination: Responsible for executing projects and initiatives at the national level, aligning with both regional and global strategies of GCRI.
  3. Collaboration with Management Boards: Maintains close coordination with the respective Regional Management Boards, ensuring that national-level activities are in sync with regional strategies and objectives.
  4. Stakeholder Engagement: Engages with diverse national stakeholders, fostering collaboration and ensuring that initiatives are inclusive and representative of national interests and needs.

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